Stories of brother and sisters having sex

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Hi, my name is Andi! I have green eyes and freckles. And oh, yeah, I have red hair on my privates too! And a little around my butt hole. My butt hole is my favorite part of my body, and I spend a lot of time playing with it! But anyway, I wanna tell you about the first time I fucked my brother.

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It was so hot. Mom and dad were fighting and it always made me scared. So I got in bed with my big brother Ryan. He was used to me climbing into bed with him, because mom and dad were always fighting. This was not too long before they got a divorce. When I get scared or sad, I usually like to play with my butt. I start rubbing my fingers in the crack, and after a while I put my hand inside my panties and feel my bunghole with my fingertips.

This usually makes me fall asleep after a while. He was snoring softly, and his chest was moving up and down, and I could feel his breath on my neck. It was so nice. I figured it would be okay just to put his hand on my butt crack.

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Read the story. So she was forced to move back into our home where we had both grown up. She was a little too mature to move back into her old room, after all she was twenty-two now. So she moved into the vacant basement apartment that my grandmother had occupied for the last few years of her life.

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Jenny is five years older than I am. That makes it very hard to have things in common. When she went to college four years earlier I was only thirteen, and concerned myself with normal thirteen-year-old things. Read story. I was watching TV. For me, at 15, living in Qatar, that was my so-called life. We'd been in Qatar only since January - three months.

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We moved from Taiwan. Before Taiwan was Indonesia. Before that Kenya, Latvia, New Zealand We moved a lot. No, my dad wasn't in the military - it was his business. Taiwan had been pretty good. We'd lived there for almost two years. My sister, Janet, was sure she was going to be able to finish high school there. No luck. At Christmas, Dad called a family meeting and announced that we were moving in 3 weeks. The color drained from my sister's face. Janet screamed. She cried. I seriously thought she was going to murder Dad.

She begged to be able to stay in Taiwan. She pleaded.

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She slammed doors. She broke plates. Really, I could understand. Qatar would be her fourth high school on the third continent. And she'd have to leave behind her friends againand her boyfriend - her first serious boyfriend - Dan. And going to a new high school just for second semester of senior year was going to be tough.

Man did I ever love jerking off. It's something I did really well. I first started doing it in my room when I was alone in the house. A magazine, a bottle of baby oil, and my own imagination is all I needed, and my hand of course. Eventually, I realized it was more exciting to masturbate when my sister's friends were over. I would listen to them talking, hearing every word easily through the thin wall that seperated our two rooms. It is here that I first found out that my sister, Mary, was still a virgin.

Read Story. Valerie was swinging away in her back yard on a swing her father made out of a car tire.

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Each breeze that came from swinging made her long golden hair fly everywhere. She wore her short little blue jean shorts and a whitetank top. She wore two small braids on each side of her face to keep her long hair from getting in her eyes. She was glad it was finally summertime. That meant no school, no homework, and no more waking up early. It was extremely hot that summer day. It was still early in the day and her parents were at work, leaving her alone with her grandmother, who took care of Valerie and her brother Tommy while Mom and Dad were at work.

Since Valerie was only 14 and Tommy 16, they didn't really need a guardian to watch them over the summer, but grandmother's presence gave their parents peace of mind. The siblings didn't mind though. They loved their grandmother and besides she cooked a lot better than their own mother. Read this story. Keenstories Incest Sex Stories.

Now at seventeen, I could only think of one thing: Sex! Peaches by Jessy19 Valerie was swinging away in her back yard on a swing her father made out of a car tire.

Stories of brother and sisters having sex

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