Stories of forced crossdressing

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LateIn dresses tales of crossdressingDressesCrossdressing. Link to this :. We are bringing out two new publications spe-cialising in those glorious fantasies about maid training, corset disci-pline, petticoat punishment and sissy imagine a school in which you are forced towear petticoats and trained to become more and a strict boarding house in whichthe 'madame' undertakes your corsettraining and instructs you in your newrole as a lady's 't wait, eh?

our sorority of talented readers who havealready contributed to Tales of Crossdressing. In this edition, you willfind the second part of 'Dressing up David,' an excellent story by JennyTurner, with artwork by Dianne. The cover illustration is also byDianne.

I am most grateful for their contributions. He got out of thecar, locked it, and walked up the path to the house. David was unmarriedand lodged with Diana Briggs. He didn t know if she had ever beenmarried, but she lived on her own, which was why she had room for alodger.

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She was about the same age as David and he found her veryattractive, although in the year he had been living in her house he hadnever made any approaches towards her. She seemed just a little too coldand remote when they talked about relationships and he closed the front door behind him Diana called out from thekitchen, David, can you come here a minute? A parcel came for you which I opened by mistake, she said.

It was5from the same club as I use and I naturally thought that it was for me.

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David felt himself getting hot. He undid his tie and collar and saidnothing. I was surprised at the contents, she continued. Is the dress for yoursister, or someone else? She emphasised the last just did not know what to say. She had guessed quite correctlythat the clothes were for him. Whatto say? Diana saved him the trouble. They are for you aren t they - I think thatyou re a transvestite.

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Am I right? He nodded. Oh hell! I suppose she ll want me to move out as well;she probably thinks I m queer. I think its a very pretty dress, and I think it will suit you. Had he heard right? Why don t you go and try it on? Dinner s nearlyready and you can wear it for that. So far David had hardly uttered a word, and now he was even more lostfor words. You mean that you don t mind? Of course not, silly - now go and get dressed. Do you wear makeupwhen you dress? Only if I go to a TV club or meeting where I can change there. It takesme quite a while to put it on.

Don t bother now then, just put on you dress and anything else youneed and come down. David took his parcel and made his way up to his room. His mind wasstill in a whirl. His most closely guarded secret was now known Stories of forced crossdressing else. Someone he would never have told in a month of entered his room and closed the door behind him.

She wanted himto go downstairs wearing a dress but with no wig or makeup; could hedo it? His mind went back to that Saturday afternoon when he was a had managed it then, so why not now?

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Inside were all his female clothes. He didn t have a great many butwhat he did have were very good quality. He quickly selected a bra,corset and a pair of French knickers. Stripping down to his panties, henever wore male underwearhe fitted the corset around his waist andpulled it tight. The bra with his false breasts went on, and then theknickers, over his panties.

He liked to keep himself tucked away whendressed up. Common Elements of Fairy Tales 1. A fairy tale begins with "Once upon a time Fairy tales happen in the long ago. Fairy Tales have fantasy and make believe in them. They were very poor and all they owned were a rabbit and a young jaguar.

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Stories of forced crossdressing

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