Stories of girls farting

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Everyone loves a good fart story!

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Farts are always funny and are the great equalizer. In graduate school I had this really cool girlfriend who was super easy going. One day she was at my apartment and I needed to fart so I let one go. Ha ha! After college I was dating this woman that was super petite and fit and she was super prim and proper. One morning I decided to test the waters with her. I was definitely surprised! Was at my girlfriends apartment and she was laying on the floor on her stomach watching TV. I was admiring her butt when all of a sudden she started laughing at something on TV and out of nowhere she farted loudly.

She was so embarrassed and after I stopped laughing at her told her it was all good! When I was in college I was hanging out at the apartment of one of my female friends that was in my calculus class. We were just friends but she was one of the hottest women I have ever known.

She was Italian with long her and an amazing body. Anyway I was at her apartment helping her out on a calculus asment and we had just had dinner. We were standing up in her living room when I smelled a fart. She then went to the bathroom.

Checkout this post if you are looking for tips to get your girlfriend to fart. Stories of girls farting was dating a guy and He ordered me some beans at a hotel and I got too gassy and farted in front of my bf and he still calls me fart queen. My girlfriend had a curry one night and she got extra gassy.

She kept farting so much that i had to leave the room for a moment. She then ripped a fart that shook the couch and stained her underwear. Can Farts Spread Coronavirus? Women Farting in Sitcoms by Rippington. Facebook Twitter Pinterest to a Friend 12 shares. Like it? Share with your friends!

Notify of. Newest Oldest Most Voted. Inline Feedbacks. My girlfriend farted so loud in her sleep that it woke both of us up! Mike J. Joe Swanson. Post. Remember me. Forgot password?

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Stories of girls farting

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