Stories of tie up games tugs

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Are you 18 years of age or older? Skip. We use cookies to improve your experience using this site. More information. Bondwriter is creating tugs stories. Select a membership level. Official Patron. Influencing Patron. Show more. About Bondwriter. the tie-up games TUG gang and get stories you can't find anywhere else. Contribute to your favorite sagas, vote for new ones, and get them illustrated. I wanted full novels. They existed for straight readers, but there was little gay bondage literature—even online.

So I set creating my own. For fifteen years I have been sharing it online. Through contacts and requests, I started several story lines, exploring subgenres. With another author friend, we even created a website. We wanted well-written, accessible, and visually appealing publications, beyond what bulletin boards could offer. Why do we need you? My friend has become a freelance editor. The added value of his work is great, so I now pay him.

I would like to scale up and support like-minded artists. For instance, I want to offer e-book versions that feature artwork, which entails commissioning a layout deer and illustrators. I also have stories in French, my native language, which need translation. All this requires funding to support the expenses that bring quality and quantity. Please consider being a patron if you have enjoyed my stories in the past or would like to keep enjoying them.

What do you get? All patrons will get the output, whether text, pictures or e-books when available. There will be Stories of tie up games tugs postings on weekends, with a new chapter at minimum every week. Content libraries So far the content libraries feature pdf files, based on my word-processing ones.

Hopefully they will be replaced in the future with better-looking versions. Everybody gets: A Lad in Distress 53, words. Shaun is a famed Hollywood director, with a bondage fetish and an obsession with Aladdin. Zack is a young, budding actor, who falls prey to the devious filmmaker's plot. Caught in the Web This story tells the adventures of Casper.

He thought burglarizing the local manor would be easy, and he ends up in the claws of devious men. Home-bound: 51, words. Brian is the wealthy scion of British aristocrats. He's supposed to spend his first week of vacation alone on the family estate.

Mike, one of the hands, has other views on how Brian should spend his time. A tale of abduction, not very smutty, but lots of bonds and gags of course Quite a Boarding School - Genesis : 52, words. A tie-up club is set up in a British boarding school. Lots of space and time to have fun, enjoy friendship and treason, play long games in which prisoners are made. Non smutty. Teenage boys play tie-up games, frolic shamelessly doing so, others get involved. Lots of bonds, gags, discipline and smut. This one needs art!

Little does he know they are rope fiends and have plans for this week of vacation. Bonds, gags, discipline, smut. Adventures of Simon: 12 stories,words. In the s, Simon s a circus and becomes a magician's assistant. He leans towards escapism.

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His bold act gets him a bit too much interest from audience members who intend to test his escaping skills. This character was deed by BC, who illustrated the first set of stories. You get two illustrated stories in the folder. These are non-smutty. The character was brought back to more adventures a few years back, since he's been one of the most popular creations and Simon stories are fun to write. He's older in further installments and hence has more explicit adventures.

The first story tells of David fooling Armand into playing tugs, which le to revelations and discoveries about his real intent. Lord of the Manor : comic made with Jason Toddman. Ronald is expelled from his boarding school for playing tugs. He comes home to the large estate his parents own, at the moment the keepers have subdued a burglar.

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Will he disturb them for long? Definitely a story that could see a continuation Previews: 3-chapter beginnings of stories that are in various states of completion. More chapters will be posted if they get voted. The Mischievous Neighbour: Lawrence Kendall is a successful heroic fantasy writer.

He's hit it big as a teen. His twelve-year-neighbour witnesses his adult tie-up games and plots to get the twenty-something to play kidnap. Story is complete with 30 chapters, though they might need editing. There's even a sequel that was started.

Caught by Scott's Father: Three teens are avid tug players. The father of one of them finds out and decides to teach them a lesson. Originally requested by Squirrel, who enjoys manly men disciplining teen boys. Bonds, gags, socks, discipline, a little smut. Alison is a fourteen-year-old girl who has to babysit her cousin.

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She finds it annoying, but knowing of Robin's secret, she will manage to keep him out of her hair. Not very smutty. This amount will allow four edited chapters per month and 2 pieces of art commissioned. By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to exclusive posts. Recent posts by Bondwriter. How it works. Choose a membership. Add a payment method. Patreon logo. Language: English United States. Currency: EUR. What is Patreon? Can I cancel my pledge any time?

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Stories of tie up games tugs

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Stories of Tie Up Games