Stories of women getting knotted by dogs

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Please, wait New User Registration Password Recovery. Advanced Search. Author Note: This is another one for the ladies who want or have ever thought about having sex with a K9. If you like to read about doggie fucking, this is for you. It is about Ruth, a middle aged lady who lives alone and finds out her big Lab, Bear, wants her hot pussy as he rapes her.

I work a part time job and have a big Lab named Bear that is my watch dog since I am alone most of the time. I am not a beauty queen and am a little on the heavy side as I have a wide ass and plump thighs. My breast are very large, a 44 Ds and I love to play with them. I was always into masturbation and love to make myself cum every day, some times even several times a day. I have a good selection of vibrators and dildos that I like to use and even have a mirror over my bed so I can watch myself.

I try to keep my pussy well shaven as it turns me on to see my fat pussy lips taking my toys. I am a squirter and love to gush when I cum. I am also an internet junkie and love to get online as I have several different s. One of my favorite things is to chat on instant message with my lady friends and a few men I have met online.

I have a cam and love to see another lady masturbating as I do it with her. I will seldom go on cam with a man since they all want just one thing, a lady to show them her pussy. I do like a nice cock and love to masturbate to a lovely cock in a few videos I have. I have gotten to where as soon as I get home from work, I will take off my clothes and walk around naked. When I am not at work, most days I stay nude as that is the way I sleep. I love to sit back in my big chair and will watch TV as I play with my big breasts. I love to massage them and can suck on my nipples as I play with them.

I was sitting in my chair one evening and was playing with my tits, not paying any attention to Bear, laying on the floor beside me. I had my hand on my wet cunt as I had started to get real horny that day. I usually wait and go to my room and lay back to masturbate as I get online. But today I was wet and had started to play with my fat little pussy. As it started to get better, I decided to get up and go upstairs to my bedroom and use a few of my playthings. As I started to raise up, Bear came over and tried to put his head between my legs.

I had never had him do this before and it was something I never paid any attention to until now. As I pushed him away, I got up and turned around, my back to him as I went to my big stuffed chair to get a wash cloth I always kept there.

Just as I bent over a little, Bear reared up onto my back and pushed me forward onto the chair, knocking me to a kneeling position on my chair with my ass towards him as I felt him grip me around my hips in his big paws as he very quickly mounted me. I was saying "no" to him but he had other ideas. He never slowed down as he must have smelled my pussy juices from my wet cunt.

Then I felt his big doggie cock as he was trying to put it in me. He was going to rape me as he had it against my wet pussy lips, starting to hunch me from behind. I could feel how big he was as hot his doggie cock was against my cunt as he began to try and rape my poor, fat cunt.

Instead of getting up, I bent over a little more to Stories of women getting knotted by dogs his cock on my horny pussy. Stories of women getting knotted by dogs could feel his cock searching for my wet pussy as I reached between my legs and found his slimy doggie cock as I took it into my hand. I was wanting his cock in me as I guided him to my cunt as I eased forward and spread my thighs for him.

I felt his hot cock as it plunged into me, filling me with his cock as it almost took my breath away. It had been several years since I had something this big in me as I felt that hot doggie cock filling me as I pushed back to him. Bear had such a big cock on him and he was slamming it to me, ramming it so deep in my cock hungry pussy as he began to really pound my cunt.

He held me tight to him as he sank deeper each time he thrust into me. His doggie cock was so hot as he filled me with that massive cock. My pussy was on fire as he raped my hot cunt, pushing it so deep, as I felt every inch of his hot dick as it slid in. He had that huge doggie cock in my very wet pussy and was thrusting it to me as I felt so full of his cock. All I could do was take his monster doggie cock as fucked me, my puffy pussy so tight around his cock.

His doggie cock was better than any of my toys and I was loving the fucking he was giving me. He held my hips tight to him with his big paws as he pounded my hungry pussy. There I was, bending over my big chair, my big doggie fucking me! The feel of his huge, hot doggie cock so deep in me made me start to cum as he kept ramming his cock to my hot cunt.

I was gushing as he fucked that big cock to my wet pussy as my climax swept over my body. I was loving this, even if my dog was raping me. I was really liking it now as I came so hard. Then he shoved that huge doggie cock all the way in me, the head of it at my womb as I felt my convulsing pussy cumming again.

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Bear had began to cum as I felt his cock start to throb, deep at my sweet spot that had not been touched in years. As he began to shoot me full of his doggie cum, I could feel the heat of it as it flooded my fat pussy, all the way to the entrance of my womb. He was so hot inside me and his doggie cum was even hotter! As he pumped that hot doggie cum to me, I was having another orgasm. The pure heat of his cum being pumped to me made me cum over and over as he was giving me such a good fucking. His cum mixed with mine was running out of my pussy as I felt his huge cock still in me, so big and swollen.

At that moment I knew he was finished with me and waited as his doggie cock began to shrink, as it slipped from my well fucked pussy, his cum dripping out of me. My pussy felt so empty as he slipped that massive doggie cock from my dripping pussy. I feeling so empty as I saw him licking the cum his big, red cock. I had been stuffed with his cock and my pussy was so tender as I rubbed my clit a little more. His doggie cum was dripping out of me and onto my carpet as it ran from my throbbing pussy.

I had just been raped by my big dog and had loved every minute of it as I found the wash cloth, catching some of his doggie cum as it leaked from me. He had made my pussy sore and I had trouble even peeing the next day. Bear had really gave me a good, hard fucking and my tender fat pussy needed to rest a day or so as I left it alone for a while.

He had scratched my hips with his paws, but I had loved it even with the scratches.

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I would have lots of time later to make it felt better as I masturbated. I was careful around Bear after that day and made sure I did not bend over with him around me. I started to check online and found lots of information about doggie sex. I soon learned that they have a knot and that it swells up inside as they fuck. With another dog, they can lock their knot to her pussy and she is held to it so he can fill her with his cum. Reading about this just got me horny for him all over again.

But a horny pussy needs to be filled and it wasn't long until I worked up enough nerve to take his huge doggie cock once again. I had always left him outside my bedroom door at night and had did so that night as I began to rub around on my hot pussy as I took my clit between my fingers and slowly massaged it.

I was so horny as I played with my pussy, looking up at the mirror to watch my plump pussy lips as I took a vibrator and began to work on my clit. The vibrator was good, but I needed something else in me. That was when I went to the door and opened it as I called Bear into my bedroom. I wanted that big doggie cock in my cock hungry pussy! I patted the bed and he jumped onto it as I got onto my hands and knees for him to mount me. He knew exactly what I wanted and he was too happy to give me that lovely doggie cock as he mounted me.

I was ready for him this time as I had put my thick socks on his front paws so we would not scratch me again. Again, he took his big paws and held my wide hips as I reached down to take his cock. This time I was going to keep my hand on his cock and take it as I wanted it, not like he wanted it.

I eased my pussy open as I inserted his big doggie cock into my wet pussy, my hand still around the base of his cock, Then laying on my pillow, I took my other hand and began to rub my pussy, taking my clit between my middle fingers as I felt that hot doggie cock going into me. I wanted his big cock in me and I wanted his hot doggie cum so bad as I began to take his huge cock once again, this time it Stories of women getting knotted by dogs me wanting him. But it was not to be. His huge cock got to fucking me so good that I relaxed as my hand fell from his hot shaft. That was all he needed as he plunged that huge doggie knot deep into my wet pussy as he sort of growled.

He started to fuck me as he worked that doggie cock and huge knot so deep ion me, still growling a little as if to say, "You are my doggie bitch and this is my pussy. I can fuck you anytime I want so lay there and take my big cock. This time he was sort of rough with me, slamming his massive cock to me as his knot worked even deeper in my well stretched pussy.

I was feeling the heat from that cock as he plunged it so hard and so fast to me, fucking me longer and harder today that he did the last time. I guess that was his way of Stories of women getting knotted by dogs me know that I was his pussy and he was in control of me. I was trying to push back to his cock as he fucked me, but with him ramming me full of that cock I had little time to move as he fucked my horny pussy so hard. I was loving the feeling of his huge cock in me as I began to cum, shooting my cum for his cock as he seemed to hold his cock to me and let me cum for him.

And cum I did as my cum began to flow, my body trembling as he shoved that hot doggie cock so deep to me, making me cum over and over as he rammed that hot doggie knot to my throbbing, fat pussy once again. Bear was lasting a lot longer this time as he fucked me, his hot knot so swollen up inside my sore little pussy as he took my hips and pulled me back to his big red doggie cock as he fucked me.

My fingers were going wild as I rubbed my enlarged clit, making me cum as he fucked that doggie cock to my horny pussy. I was his doggie bitch now he was fucking me like one as I finally felt that doggie cock start to swell inside my throbbing pussy as he began to fill me once again with his hot doggie cum.

His huge knot was so far in me too as he worked his doggie cock harder to me, thrusting it hard as he shot that hot cum to my aching pussy, his huge knot locked inside my hungry pussy. I had never dreamed of anything so big in my life as his knot as it had my fat cunt spread around it as he continued to hammer my horny cunt. He was filling me with that hot doggie cum as it flooded every inch of my pussy and its passage all the way to my stretched womb.

His hot cum was feeling so good in me as he pumped wad after wad of his hot load to me. He finished cumming and just held it to me, his huge knot still inside my aching pussy as I tried to slip away from it. But he held me tight to him as his cock started to go softer. Then I saw his huge knot as it slipped from me, seeing just how big it was.

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It must have been the size of a coffee mug and his bright red doggie cock was at least 10 inches long! I was surprised that I had taken such a monster in my pussy. But I had and I loved every inch of it. He had fucked me so long and so hard until I was glad when he removed that dripping cock from my swollen pussy. I had just been fucked harder and better than ever before, even if it made my fat little pussy sore, I love it!

His huge cock and knot had made me so sore. That night I lay there as I glanced up to the mirror above my bed and spread my thighs as I saw my plump pussy still red as I eased my fingers to it. I slowly spread my labia as my swollen lips parted, my fingers beginning to slowly work on my sore little pussy as I found my enlarged clit. All I could think about as I masturbated, was Bear and his huge cock fucking me as I came so hard. I watched as my cum really gushed from my cunt, me cumming like a man as I shot my cum from my spread open pussy.

Stories of women getting knotted by dogs

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