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The funeral parlor was packed, and my wife and I were going to be standing in the line up longer than either of us had wanted to. Dave and I had been very close from the age of 6 through the age of I was the best man at their wedding, and when Nancy and I were married Dave was my best man. We had stayed in contact over the years, but as so often happens once the pressures of a wife, a job and family bear down upon you the closeness tends to drift apart.

The line moved slowly, and as it moved I looked at my wife. She was still as trim and fit as she had been the day I met her, and as I reflected on this I realized that the night Dave and I met Nancy Strong glasses stories a dance she was also wearing her glasses. For years she had worn contact lenses every day as she went off to her job as a primary grade school teacher, and the only time I would get to see her wearing her glasses was during the evenings at home.

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Yes, when our 3 kids were younger and Nancy was at home with them she would often go for days, and sometimes weeks without inserting her lenses, but for the most part she was a confirmed contact lens wearer.

I remembered the night that Dave and I met Nancy. My attraction to girls that wore glasses was something that I had never shared, not even with my best friend, and when I saw this slim Strong glasses stories trim girl with long blond hair framing a pair of obviously strong minus glasses I knew I had to meet her. But I also knew that I had to keep my lust for her to myself because if I ever admitted to Dave that I was attracted to this girl because of her strong glasses he would have thought I was crazy.

I managed to find the courage to ask Nancy for a dance, and when that dance was over I convinced her to stay on the floor to dance the next dance with me. I loved looking into her minimized eyes through the lenses of her glasses, which to me seemed pretty thick. There was a good bit of lens showing behind the edge of the frame when I looked at her from the side, and although I had no idea how strong her glasses were I knew that she was likely very dependent on them.

I managed to turn that one night of dancing into a lifetime of marriage. Nancy completed high school, then university and went on to become a teacher. Her glasses were replaced by contact lenses for the viewing pleasure of the general public.

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But in private I was thrilled to see her glasses increase in power from the Ariel, our first Strong glasses stories, got her first pair of glasses at the age of 8. At this time Ariel was 12, and her prescription had climbed rapidly to her then prescription of -6D. She had taken to the wearing of glasses immediately, and they never left her face.

I knew where the myopia originated. So there was a long family history of high myopia and I saw no reason for it to end. I had convinced her, when she was 16 and had experienced a couple of rather large increases in her myopic progression, to have her glasses made with blended myodisc lenses.

She took my suggestion and after 20 years she still wore this type of lens even though her prescription was now around D. Ariel had very good visual acuity when wearing her blended myodiscs and I must admit that every time I looked at her tall lithe body I was filled with pride. Her brother Jacob was a part time glasses wearer. When it suited him he wore glasses. When he wanted to he wore contacts. His glasses, with their D prescription, were strong, but with the high index lenses they did not look terribly thick. And his attitude was; like me, like my glasses.

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Morgan was the contact lens wearer in the family. But I felt that the constant wearing of contacts had accelerated her myopia to the point where her contacts were right at D and her glasses were around D. Her vision was quite good when she was wearing contacts, but she had trouble seeing things well when she had her glasses on. I worried a little about Morgan, as she would be in serious trouble if she could not wear her contacts. By now the line had moved right up to the family.

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I spoke with Cassie and her husband Gavin. Then we moved on to Brittany and her husband Phillip. Finally we were face to face with Dave. Nancy gave Dave a hug, as did I. I need to ask you a favor. Nancy and I made our way through the crowd and back to our car.

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I suspected that this was the first time Dave had seen Nancy wearing glasses for many years, and my mind wandered back to the night at the dance when I first met Nancy. We had driven Nancy home, and I arranged a date with her for the following evening when I walked her to her door. After we left her place Dave and I talked. They are a little bit of a turn off, but she is a really nice person. I suppose if she got contact lenses I would be more interested in dating her.

But as long as she wears those thick glasses I guess I will forget about her. I spent the next couple of Saturday nights driving over to go out with Nancy. Did you find out how much she can see without them? She held them in her hand though, and put them back on right away.

I am not going to marry her. Over the next few years Dave would occasionally ask me if I had ever figured out just what Nancy could see without her glasses — or later on her contacts. I would simply answer that she was pretty blind without them, as I figured that it was really none of Strong glasses stories business. I did wonder if perhaps he had a little bit of a fixation for glasses, but Linda had great eyesight, as did he.

And then when their kids came along they escaped the need for glasses. Dave had been right about one thing though. All our kids did need strong glasses. The funeral was 2 days later. I was there early and Gavin and Phillip were there with their families already. I looked over at Strong glasses stories and his wife Brittany and was a little surprised to see a young lady of about 12 that was wearing glasses and a young boy standing with them. I was curious, so I walked over to say hi. The boy was their son Cameron, and he was 9 years old.

The young lady was their daughter Meghan, and she had just turned Now that I was closer I could see that her glasses had flat fronts, and looked pretty strong for a 13 year old.

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Do you remember what their prescriptions were back then? I remember that she had to get even stronger glasses the following year, but I am not sure what her prescription was then. I would guess that she was somewhere around -7D, maybe Her eye doctor told me that was a really strong prescription for her to have at that age. But Morgan got contacts when she was 15 and her glasses are around D now.

If you read a lot you are constantly forcing your eyes to see through your full distance prescription at all times. Ariel always wore her glasses, even to read, but glasses slip down your nose and as they move away from your eyes their power is reduced slightly. So when Ariel was reading she was likely not always looking through her full distance prescription. If she has an old pair of glasses you could try to have her wear them when she is reading. Maybe we will try that.

Some people just have that happen no matter what you try. I did my service as a pallbearer, and ended up at the graveside with the rest of the funeral party. I spent a lot of my time watching Meghan as the tears kept sliding down her cheeks and she had to keep removing her Strong glasses stories to dab at her eyes with a hankie.

To me that indicated that Meghan had been very close to her grandmother. After the service at the grave we all returned to the church hall for a luncheon. Finally it was time to take my leave and I looked for Dave so that I could say goodbye. I spotted him in the rear of the hall, and I headed back to speak to him.

Strong glasses stories I was talking to Brittany. She told me that you gave her some good advice to possibly help Meghan out.

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She had expressed only lukewarm interest in getting contact lenses although Ariel had offered to buy them for her when she was ready. I felt that because so many of her friends wore glasses that Kate would not feel any pressure to wear contacts, and that was just fine with me.

Strong glasses stories

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