Submissive mom stories

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Making my mother my slut and submissiveincest storiesIt all started when I was 18 and a senior in High School playing football. It was a Saturday practice after a big win on Friday night, and our coach gave us half practice off. I came home a couple hours early. Mom was doing her usual shopping on a Saturday with the girls, which usually took most of the day.

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Dad was home with my older sister Kip who was off work today. When I came in the house, I heard what sounded like Mom and Dad fucking in the basement, I crept down the stairs as any horny teenager would and I got the shock of my life. There was my sister completely naked, head down and her big ass in the air, my father was pounding the shit out of her pussy, but she was not crying or screaming for help, no my slut of a sister was encouraging my father to fuck her harder.

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I am you nasty little fuckslut. It was funny in a way, because she was telling him how big his cock was and although I had never seen it before, I was shocked at the size. Dad was aboutand weighed aboutbut his cock was by estimation about 6 inches long and thin. What shocked me was, although I was only about an inch taller and 10 pounds heavier my cock was a full 11 inches long and thick. He pounded her hard and deep, all the time calling her names that would make a sailor blush, and she loved it, the harder he fucked, the more names he called her the louder she moaned, until finally Dad pulled his cock out and grabbed her by the hair and cum all over her face.

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I hurried outside and left as quietly as I could, driving around for a half an hour, sitting in my car in my sticky cum filled jeans. Yet my fucking cock was still so fucking hard, all I could see was my sister getting fucked hard and begging for more. I wanted that fucking slut, at the very least to make her my nasty cocksucker on call. I dropped another big load in my pants thinking I will never have to jack off again.

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When I got home Dad was in his den and sister was in her room. I was so glad no one could see what a mess I had in my pants.

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I went to my room, grabbed some clean shorts and jeans and headed to the shower. Not thinking I dropped the cum filled shorts and jeans in the hamper and showered.

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I went to my room to plan my next move. Search for:. Home Incest stories Making my mother my slut and submissive. Spread the love. Next Post Two mothers bring their sons hiking Next ยป.

Submissive mom stories

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Making my mother my slut and submissive