Summer camp erotic stories

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Last summer I had a job as lifeguard and athletic director at a girls camp in the mountains. It was for girls of middle school age. That is, age 12 to 15, altho a few were a little older. They would rather have had a woman for the job but there were no qualified women available.

By law they had to have a certified lifeguard, and no certified women applied. I had passed the Red Cross lifeguard course and also a course in school, so I was qualified. The camp director was a young woman named Jane.

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She was in her early 20s and quite attractive. She had great legs which was plain because she always wore shorts. And the rest of her figure was quite good too. I had turned in letters from my pastor and the director of our church youth group as well as from my swimming coach in high school and from friends of my parents, saying that I was very moral.

So when Jane was interviewing me she said she could see I was of good moral character. That was important because some of the girls would be quite attractive even if young, and might cause sexual feelings in me. Also she said that I was quite a hunk, which I blushed about but I guess it is true. So she said it was likely that some of the girls would make plays for me, so I had to be prepared to resist them. Did I think I would be able to? I said I was sure I could, so I got the job. The first night of camp they introduced all the camp counselors and program leaders.

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I was the only man, and when I was introduced some of the girls whistled and made comments which I pretended not to hear. As athletic director what I did was in the morning pass out balls for the various sports, and bats and other equipment, and just keep an eye on things and make sure there were no fights and nobody got hurt.

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In the afternoon I took over as lifeguard at the pool. I had a chair and a whistle and I was to enforce the rules such as no running and no splahing or ducking of one another.

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That first day I saw what Jane meant about girls making plays for me. Two or three of them with really sexy young bodies came up close to me and sort of rubbed against me and talked in a friendly way about where I was from and what I did in school and the Summer camp erotic stories. But I was cool and did nothing to encourage them. The second day Jane came by to see how I was doing and while she was there one of the girls pretended to be drownding in the deep end.

So I jumped in and pulled her out and it was clear she did not need artificial respiration. I spoke to her sternly and said from now on she must stay down in the shallow end. Jane said I handled that well, and then asked me to come see her in her office after lights were out. In her office that night she said I had done well that afternoon and said now I could see what she meant about girls offering temptation. So I think in order to protect you from temptation we should try to relieve your sexual tensions in advance.

It took longer for me to come and she had three orgasms while I was doing it. And from then on we did do it every night, sometimes as many as three times. She was on the pill so there was no problem there. And those sexy girls like Steffi, who was 14 and had very big breasts, and Jessy, who was also really stacked, could not understand why I did not respond to their sexual overtures.

And that night as I was packing to leave the next day, Steffi and Jessy came into my cabin and wanted to know why I had been so mean to them all summer. I said I was sorry they had thought I was mean, and asked what I could do to make it up to them. Straight by master on December 28, Processing your request, Please wait Rate your experience on a scale from 0 to Report Abuse Other.

Summer camp erotic stories

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