Superman sex story

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Fates of the world. And after Apollo made such a lousy impression during the General Zod ordeal, nobody would blame him for keeping his distance. He was always willing to go out of his way for her. That was one of the many things that made him such a great lover. A couple hours ago, Wonder Woman got a call from Zatanna. She said that she had picked up on some strange mystical disruptions in the Mediterranean Sea not far from Themyscira. Since she and Superman happened to be on guard duty in the Watchtower, they decided to investigate.

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As she and Superman flew over the waters of the Aegean Sea, Wonder Woman contemplated what could cause such a disruption. Olympus and Themyscira had more than their share of conflicts lately. It had been too long since they had any quality time together. That led Diana to promise him a night to themselves as soon as Flash and Green Lantern took over watchtower duty. She had every intention of keeping that promise once they dealt with this. A strange sliver of light shot up from the seas below, followed by the sound of thunder.

Remaining on their guard, Superman and Wonder Woman watched cautiously as the anomaly escalated. It reminds me of the mystical shroud that surrounds Themyscira. Her curiosity grew and she flew towards it. Superman, ever cautious in anything related to magic, flew with her. They eventually descended from the clouds so that they hovered only a couple hundred feet from the surface of the water. The sliver of light stopped growing, but continued flickering erratically like a light bulb about to burn out. Wonder Woman continued gazing at it intently.

Something about it seemed very familiar. As she and Superman bathed in the mysterious light of this anomaly, it erupted in a burst of activity. The brightly sliver of light expanded, releasing a wave of energy that engulfed her and Superman.

They then found themselves surrounded in a blinding bright light. Instincts took over and Superman and Wonder Woman Superman sex story out to one another to avoid being ripped apart. But it was no use. With their hands mere inches apart, Superman and Wonder Woman disappeared into the light. The glowing anomaly then disappeared as well, leaving nothing but a brief flash and a slight gust of wind in its wake. The Amazon warrior emerged from unconsciousness feeling like she Superman sex story just gone one too many rounds with Giganta.

As the feeling returned to her limbs and she opened her eyes, she realized she was on a sandy beach. But as she rubbed her eyes and rose up, she noticed something else.

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Once her vision fully cleared, Diana confirmed it. Her boots, bracelets, lasso, tiara, and attire were gone. She was completely nude. Even though she often slept naked and was never embarrassed about her body, this situation left her feeling uncomfortably exposed. And what happened to my clothes? Diana turned to her right, this feeling of exposure leading her to take a defensive stance. But her warrior instincts settled as soon as she saw Clark walking towards her.

She also saw that Clark was in a similar predicament. He was completely naked too. His special Kryptonian Armor, which was supposed to be built right into his chest, was gone. And he looked every bit as confused as her. When Clark finally reached her, he maintained some level of modesty. He tried to keep his distance and avoid staring at some of her womanly features. But, ever the mannerly farm boy, he attempted to confront this situation as seriously as possible. However, this ended up being just as difficult for Diana. While they had been intimate a of times since they started dating, it never happened in Superman sex story situation like this.

He and Diana were very private when it came to these moments, usually reserving them for their respective apartments or the Fortress of Solitude. Neither of them were sure of what to make of this place, but they needed to figure it out soon before they became even more exposed. Once the awkwardness of being naked subsided, Diana and Clark took in their new surroundings. The beach they awoke on was part of an island and Superman sex story very remote one from the looks of it. They also noticed that the island was fairly small.

However, it still had plenty of space to accommodate some lush flora. The strange feeling that Clark and Diana sensed when they first confronted the anomaly over the sea was still there. Now, it took on a different form. It was like the whole island was shrouded in some invisible blanket, bathing it in this exotic energy. As they continued scanning the shores, Clark and Diana noticed something else.

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That means we can fight if we have to. What kind of power prevents us from flying and takes our clothes, yet makes us feel completely unthreatened? It could be magic. It could be some kind of trick or illusion. Or it could be something else entirely.

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Diana and Clark had dealt with magic, aliens, and gods. However, they had never dealt with anything like this. It left them uncertain of what to do next. There had to be something — or possibly even someone — else at work here. After surveying the shore, Clark and Diana looked towards the interior of the island. Perhaps exploring this island will give them some clues.

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But upon taking a few steps away from the shoreline, they encountered another strange anomaly. Follow my voice. They remained vigilant. Their past experience with telepaths had been mixed at least. Everyone on the Justice League made it a point to guard their minds, some more than others.

But this sounded different. I can lead you to the answers you seek. In fact, it actually sounded enticing. Setting aside any lingering awkwardness, Clark and Diana followed the direction of the voice into the heart of the island. It ended up leading them onto a dirt path that allowed them to traverse the thick tree cover. It was as if someone had actually carved this path for them ahead of time. That which you seek lies just ahead…and so much more.

They needed to stay focused. They needed to figure Superman sex story where they were and how they got there. But with each step they took, they encountered more anomalies. As they followed the path, they noticed that the brush under the trees was full of exotic flowers and plants. Rows upon rows of flowering plants lined each side of the trail.

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And the tree branches above were lined with various vines and willows, making for a very scenic walk. The gentle breezes from the sea carried the pleasant odor, creating a potent mix of scents. In addition to the flowers, they saw a few exotic birds and animals flying around, creating a symphony of various chirps and cries. It was like walking through an exotic garden that had been prepared for the sole purpose of creating a relaxing environment.

Even though they were supposed to remain focused, Clark and Diana found themselves slowing down to take in the scenery. It was a majestic, peaceful, and even sensual environment. But what purpose could it be? Between the air and the scenery, this whole island is starting to give off a very…distinct feeling.

Superman sex story

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