Surprise haircut stories

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One fine Saturday evening, my Mom and I went for a walk as she was feeling restless and I had to accompany her. But later felt good that I was able to forget whatever happened before. Might be wondering what happened right? I will tell you. I am an year old guy, who has fetish for cutting hair and satisfy it only by seeing videos or real maybe. My Mom is a year-old working women, and my best friend. She looked really beautiful and the most attractive part is her black hair which is till her butt.

She loved her hair and considered it as her prized possession. I have to feel her hair on certain occasions but never a proper one. She normally wears her hair in a bun, even in occasions and all. She opens her hair only at home for combing and all that. Believe me! She has never let scissors touch even the tip of her Surprise haircut stories for the past 20 years even for trimming.

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Perfectly maintained. I was desperate to see her haircut and then I thought of telling her, since she is like my best friend she will consider my wish. So, all this happened today. I went to her while she was making food for dinner. She insisted me asking what the problem is. I requested her not to scold me or be mad on me.

I mustered up some courage to tell her what I wanted. I told her that I have a desire to cut her beautiful Surprise haircut stories hair or watch her haircut. It looked curious in the beginning and when I said about cutting her long hair, the curiosity slowly changed to surprise, then shock and then anger. She slapped me and scolded me saying that it is not right, and not to think like that. She slapped me, I felt bad and quietly went to my room. Later, my Mom came and apologised for hitting me, she comforted me and took me out for an evening walk which is happening right NOW. I am enjoying the walk for now.

We started walking on the footpath passing by shops and all. I was way too ahead of her as I was walking fast. I suddenly came across a barbershop, and I was reminded of my fetish that very moment. Luckily for me, which is far or else I will be hit again, because of the barbershop. I looked through the door, no one was there.

A guy at another shop next to it, asked if I was a customer. I slightly nodded and he said that the barber guy will come after some time and asked me to wait inside the shop. I heard my Mom calling me from behind. She hoped under the roof avoid getting wet. She agreed and I opened the door and she went inside so did I. I closed the door and drew the curtains so that no one would notice a woman inside a barbershop.

Mom was checking out the shop and then realised that it was a barbershop, with mirrors on both sides, the chair, and lots of tools on the table. I was looking at the comb, scissors, razor, and all that, which drove me mad. I wanted to use that on her hair. Mom finally agreed to my consent.

The moment she sat on the chair facing the mirror, crackers exploded. I wanted to scream out in joy, because my Mom is sitting on a barber chair, ready for some fun. I wish she allowed me to cut her hair, but at least she allowed me to play with her hair. I stood behind the chair. The big hair bun is right there before, I can do anything with it, anything and everything.

Well at least, for a while. I almost cried as this was heartbreaking, for any fetisher. I walked towards the exit, and I saw a man at the door. Mom was surprised, as she was still on the chair. He walked towards the chair where Mom Surprise haircut stories sitting, and bend down to open the drawer. Mom tried getting up, but the barber held her shoulder and taking out a white cloth, he caped her.

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I walked towards her quickly as I could see her face with expressions of fear and shock. But inside me, I was super excited. The barber made it much easier. This is more of a celebration. Mom tried freeing herself. I wanted to say cut all her hair and not to spare even a strand, but when I saw her looking at me, I was tongue-tied. Please corporate. She looked at me with tearful eyes, I turned away as I avoided eye contact and alled the barber to cut super short.

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The barber gestured with a smile as he was ready to do the work. Even the barber was also excited. He slowly opened her big bun, and what he saw next, was. The hair rolled down, as it was below her butt. Two or three inches of her hair were touching the floor. He lifted the hair with amazement as well as excitement.

He took the comb and started combing her long hair for one last time.

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Mom was looking at the mirror with her tearful eyes. I got Surprise haircut stories from the barber chair and sat on the waiting chair as I wanted to see her hair. Surprise haircut stories my goodness, it is just… unbelievable. After combing, the barber, took a water spray and sprayed all over her hair as I could see the drops flowing down her tresses. Then he took out the ultimate weapon. My heart beat increased. It is happening, it is going to happen.

Her eyes were watery. The barber was also eager to cut her long hair. He held all her hair at crown in a bunch, and the first pass was made through her lovely mane. The crunching sound of scissors through hair was all over. Mom could feel her weight of hair loosening from her crown. She could see it from the mirror the barber running scissors. It was a nightmare for her. But it was a celebration for me, and for the barber I think he is enjoying it.

Within few minutes, rest of her hair was separated from her head very smoothly and dark mass of her hair came in his hand. Mom was shocked. The barber is holding all her hair and placed on her lap. She wanted to touch it but was too scared to. She looked at the mirror and touched her hair. The Rapunzel I had known few minutes ago is no more. She burst into tears. I got up suddenly and walked towards her.

The barber took the hair and dropped it on the floor. He removed the cape and the next moment, Mom jumped out of the chair and tried to strangle him. She was behaving like a psych, I tried stopping her and pulled her away from him. She took the cut hair and threw it to me. I loved it when I got to feel the hair. She stormed out, still crying and I was in a dilemma. Happy that my desire has been fulfilled. Sad that my Mom is very upset. I guess he was also a fetish. I said bye to him and left the shop immediately as I had to get to Mom. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Surprise haircut stories

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