Tall girl growing stories

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I had to watch it, even though I knew it would make me cringe. Another American high school movie with the same-old storyline, Tall Girl is a new film from Netflix. The underdog, year old Jodi, feels like a freak and stays in the shadows because she is 6ft1.

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I was never a shrinking violet Tall girl growing stories it still made me think about my experience of growing up tall and made me wonder what dizzy heights my daughters will reach. I do like being able to help when I see someone on tiptoes trying to reach the jars on the top shelf in the supermarket. Never assume though that long arms or long legs give you an automatic advantage in sport. I do enjoy wearing heels without towering over my other half. As you get to know someone, you find out all the things you have in common and for us that included memories of standing in the back row for every school photo and never being able to find shoes or clothes that fit.

I flicked through frumpy specialist footwear catalogues and my Mum tactfully suggested finding out where drag queens buy their shoes. I will never forget the mortifying moment I was sitting next to a boy I really fancied and my friend kindly pointed out that we were wearing exactly the same shoes.

That is one game of Snap you do not want to win. It is usually socially unacceptable to pass comment on someone being different in some way. We tell our children in hushed tones not to stare at someone who is obviously obese and we would never dream of asking them how much they weigh. I have lost count of the of random strangers who have asked my husband how tall he is.

We have a height chart at home like many families do. A really sweet gift as we had just become parents but also clear what that colleague thought of first when they pulled his name out of the hat. This brings me back to our girls and in particular the youngest.

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She has just turned 4 which is just as well as no-one believed me when I told them she was 3. There was a self-induced pressure to stop using the buggy earlier than I needed to as she looked too big it. If she has a public meltdown I fear that passersby might tut disapprovingly thinking she should have grown out of that behaviour. Everywhere we go, almost every day, she hears comments and conversations about how tall she is for her age.

After her first day at preschool, her teacher told me she was very confident and made them all laugh. It was so refreshing. I hope however tall they become that my daughters always feel happy to hold their he high. You must be logged in to post a comment. November Readalong: The Doll Factory.

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Tall Girls This brings me back to our girls and in particular the youngest. Loved this?

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Share with your network now! To Work or Not to Work? That is the Question…. Jill Misson Broadcaster, writer and mum of two girls. Leave a Comment Cancel You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Tall girl growing stories

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True Story: I’m Really, Really Tall