Tamil crossdressing stories

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We went to dressing showroom first. I asked her what we are going to get here. I was embarrassed. It was whole lot of ladies section and only I can see the he of girls and ladies Tamil crossdressing stories most. She looked me differently with smile. I was standing aside while she was picking undergarments.

It was lacy with double color as string was red and gay as whole she asked is that okay? I just winked my eyes there. Then she took a black panty and white and maroon floral cotton type. After she took I asked whether it Tamil crossdressing stories branded? She looked me with mock anger. The she went to Brassieres section. I stopped 3 foot before. She saw my jerk and she hidingly caught my hand and dragged to the selection basket.

At first she took a black bra with a strong cup. While she turned at me for comment I got jolt in my body and I cant see her eyes. She picked 3 like that and I asked why I that so big and it have strong cups. She said it was called Padded Bra. So it can give good looks Tamil crossdressing stories fakes. Then we came back again to salwaar kameez section, she choose some and openly asked for my option there.

It was really cool, 3 are ready-made. One was full hand with tight gathering pant. It was pink plain tops and pink floral pant and pink duppata. Niranjana asked my comment but before that she knew my taste and saw my eyes teasingly and smiled. Second one was short sleeved crape-material green embroidery tops, purple pant with purple embroidery duppata. All these types of clothes I know because Niranjana was explaining to me while taking that. She Tamil crossdressing stories smiling and said I think my girl was ready for the go it seems.

But now I fully made up. We had a good laugh and I asked answer my question first I said. We paid cash and returned she started dragging me somewhere near crowed place. She laughed and went to think a name deeply while walking. I liked that and just smiled and nodded my head. It was fancy jewel shop. Again she dragged me in. She asked salesgirl for glass bangles first showing the dress that taken for me. She instantly replied no for my sister which is about his size said showing me and they both were twins.

The sales girl smiled and showed us the selection. I choose white ivory metal bangle for my selection that I liked. She laughed politely on seeing my eyes. She taken all colors matched to my dresses. Then she selected a jewellery set for me. But it contained earring with hooks. After some choice she selected one which was golden imitation but it looked heavy. But I dint mind that much. Then she went by own and got some bindi packs a small black and maroon bindi. Then she asked for nose pin.

To say I used to suggest her hair accessories while we are in college. Even I bought something for her often. Even she liked my taste on that because Niranjana got long and wavy hair I liked in her most. Though I took hair clips of 4 she took some bands and catches. She said she is going to use all these after me. Then she got some lip liner, lipstick and eye pencils. She even bought nail polish and remover. Some brushes she picked from tray. At last she took me to the footwear section she started picking footwear for me. I took my choice and opted for cut shoe.

But she resisted and said the foot wear is my part and choice is mine. So it must be 9. She exactly took a size started fitting to my leg suddenly. I was shocked and turn for the peoples around me. But my fortune no sales people or crowd was there. She agreed and wore and then I noticed it was 2 inch pointed heels. I scolded Tamil crossdressing stories that she is talking things too far. But she said only it can give you a controlled walk. So it adds your femininity believe me she insisted.

It was true but I was never before in this stuff I said. It was really good. We finished that shopping. We were tired and went for dinner in a nice restaurant. But I kept asking my fears one by one. Then I asked about my Adams apple because it can clearly show any ones gender. That tip was good and I got little courage to do this. There we had a good chat and finished lunch and started walking again. While walking she pointed some girls and asked me to observe their body language, behavior, giggles, dresses and everything.

As we walked we reached at a place it was a ladies beauty spa where she is the client. I asked her why we are here. She suddenly smiled at me and said she was kidding and asked me to come with her and inside. She kept on teasing me that day with this whenever she gets the ball in her court. But I enjoyed that. I was waiting at reception soon she went she came back with some creams she said it was cosmetics. There she took some measurements of me on chest hand hips and legs. Then we started back to home. But we both got ready for this. We need to feel the extreme brother and sister love.

She bought a leather handbag which is good. Our shopping is almost finished and she bought everything for me that I need. She asked me to take that to my room except dresses. Only I stayed in that apartment and my one friend was in Kerala for long time so I can take that all.

She then asked me to use a cream that she got from beauty parlor. I asked what is that she said just use it and shook me bye and walked to her home. I came to my room and kept all things before me. The feel in me was something different. My mind asked me to use all that stuff now.

I just called niru and said about my feel. I just giggled and had some good talk that day. That night I shaved my face twice and started to use that cream she asked me to put that in my hand and foot of my leg I did so and went to bed with thought of the coming days with my sister. Thursday was my date to get ready. My hand and foot was so smooth and whiter that before.

The real fun started. Soon she came we locked the door. Only my house owner knows her so no problems of suspect. But I started trembling. She realized that and hugged me for a long while. Nearly 10 mins I came back to normal. We started getting ready. Before she came I shaved clean except legs and hands. I have only little thin hairs a normal girl has. So she said me to undress and opened the purchased things and gave me. She asked me to wear lingerie first. She picked black padded bra and panty. Before she was handing it over to me she put something in that.

Then I realized it was sanitary napkin. She smiled and said it was for a reason I wore. She helped wear the bra I just stood dumb. She took some jelly like 2 little bags from her bag and inserted to my bra for fake boobies. But the same time we both broke into heavy laughter. The panty was hard to wear but I felt sensational. She soon handed one black chemise. I wore it seems it gave me very girly top.

Tamil crossdressing stories

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