Teacher tickling stories

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They both crashed into the group of ponies. What's the rush, you two? He looked right and left to see if their teacher, Cherilee hasn't come yet. Then a voice appeared from behind them. It was Cherilee. She was standing there looking at her students. They all turned around and saw their teacher walking towards them. Cherilee, we have a lesson to teach you. Cherilee was surprised. She's never been taught before by her own students before.

Cherilee saw Spike with a confused look on her face. Cherilee raised an eyebrow, then she grinned. She was excited to be taught by her students.

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The fillies and their teacher went to the right side of the school house. Cherilee was curious of what's going to happen. Apple Bloom looked at Diamond Tiara and raised an eyebrow. Apple Bloom covered Diamond Tiara's mouth with her hoof.

When they got to the fields near the playground, they saw a table that wasn't supposed to be there. Cherilee looked at it and wondered why.

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Cherilee walked over to the table, got on top of it and laid down on her back. Apple Bloom walked to Cherilee's body and moved her arms next to her head. Cherilee thought in her head, "What is she doing? Then, she used a rope to pin her legs down on the table. Cherilee nervously took a few deep breaths, she wasn't excited about what's going to happen anymore.

Apple Bloom walked behind the top of Cherilee's body.

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Then, Apple Bloom started to tickle Cherilee's armpits. Diamond Tiara bounced on the table and started to tickle Cherilee's belly with her tail. Then, Scootaloo flew and landed on the table and started to tickle Cherilee's sides with her wing, Twist hopped on the table and started to tickle her right thigh with a feather, then Silver Spoon ticked her left thigh with a feather, and then Sweetie Belle teleported on the table ticked her chin with a feather.

Then, Spike hopped on the table, sat on Cherilee's legs and started to tickle the bottom of her hooves with his fingers.

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She was laughing so hard, her face was red and tears rolled from her eyes. Her fur was damp with sweat. They tickled her like this for eight minutes. They all started to tickle her faster. Cherilee laughed harder. Then, all of a sudden, a drop of bird poop landed on Cherilee's mane. They all screamed and fell of the table except for the tied up mare. She broke free, picked up the table, and threw on Apple Bloom's head.

She walked off with a Teacher tickling stories look on her face. Sweetie Belle used her magic to pick up the table. Diamond Tiara ran to Apple Bloom. Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash came upon them, running. She could've killed my sister. None of us has seen her like that before. Twilight turned to Spike and saw him standing in front of her nervously. Spike looked down with an ashamed look on his face. Apple Bloom coughed, then she slowly opened her eyes.

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She turned and saw her big sister. She was surprised. But, turns out, she didn't like it at all. Meanwhile at Cherilee's place. She was taking a shower, she Teacher tickling stories the sweat and away with soap, and the bird poop with shampoo. She turned off the water and dried off. Her class showed up to her house for the apology. She patted little yellow pony on the head. generated in 0. Support us SubStar Chat! Discord Follow us Twitter.

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Teacher tickling stories

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