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A compilation of transformation clopfics. Each chapter is a self contained clopfic that caters to a different fetish! Yeah well, neither can I. I can't remember the last time a jerked myself to anything other than clop anymore, so I guess that loss of memory seals the deal for me, great chapter by the way, very hot.

Damn it, I gotta pick one and go with it, I just don't know which one to go with, I mean Trixie, yeah she's a bit arrogant, but that just makes her so much sexier. Rarity, she's got the looks but she cares to much about fashion and staying clean at all times. Fluttershy, she loves animals, I love animals and I'll be damned if she doesn't have the cutest voice I have ever heard. I just don't know which one to choose.

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I love Hyper! Must keep reading! I love it when your favorite fetishes aren't in the tags and they come up unexpected like that. Ben looks down at his body, a whole host of feelings going on in there. His hands slowly close up on themselves, fingers shrinking and his fingernails melding into one another, the same happening to his toes. His bones and ts begin to change, his entire body starts getting smaller and his balance starts to falter as his back bends forward.

The fur rapidly spre across all areas of his body Tg mind control stories a pressure emerges from his lower back. Hooves then burst out of his shoes, and out back a brilliant blue tail starts to appear. John practically squeals in excitement as he watches the transformation near its finish.

And wow, are you going to be happy with how you look, Vinyl Scratch is the coolest pony ever! I see what you did there, and it is glorious. That reminds me VinelAmror should be an AU ship. I'm bored. Blatant wish-fulfillment is blatant wish fulfillment. It wasn't bad enough to suggest downvoting, but it wasn't good enough for me to stick around to enjoy it.

Not to mention there's nothing that was bad enough to 'try to make it better'. The author already knows enough that even if I critiqued it, I wouldn't have anything useful to say. If I were Ben, and the time ran out, the next thing touching John's face would be my fist. Very, very forcefully too While this is not the darkest thing that I have read, it is the most potent nightmare fuel I have encountered It isn't dark enough to be too far out there and sits just on the edge of your sub-conscious, taunting your conscious mind. This story has been giving me shivers Tg mind control stories day.

All my yes and so SO much more!!!! I really liked this, but my brain wouldn't stop imagining John as JonTron, making this kinda weird. Why does my mind hate me? John yells the last word of the spell and feels magic settle on him, as it focuses on his loins. A second later he clutches his pants as he feels himself change.

His underwear rips and he feels something huge start stuffing itself down one of his pant legs. Something is wrong here, something is very wrong! He wanted a larger cock, but not THIS large. Humans should not have cocks this big! Thank you! This story hit just about every one of my hot buttons when it comes to both transformation and mind control. I'm so glad I found it, straight to favorites!

Edit: After thinking on it through the morning, I was struck by how much this story reminded me of an older one that I had read over on the Nifty Archive, both in subject and plot, called, coincidentally enough, "Spell-book". So, I hunted it down, from Jan, Old indeed, internet time. The original story is the only one I am familiar with, and now that I know of Freya's expansion, I simply must read my way through those as well!

It's always been one of my favorites, in large part because of the way that the mind of the 'victim' was pulled along. To be honest, though, yours is better by an order of magnitude. And not just because it has been ponified, though that is almost always an improvement, naturally. You have fleshed out much of the personalities, given a few of the bits and pieces nice little alterations, but the part that I really enjoy was the actual scene after the Control and Transformational aspects really kick in. You kept the parts I loved, and expanded on most of the parts that I had always wanted more of.

Yours is light years above the 'original' concept laid out ly, and this one will immediately take it's spot on my favorite go-to stories when I want an awesome TF and MC story. After thinking on it through the morning, I was struck by how much this story reminded me of an older one that I had read over on the Nifty Archive, both in subject and plot, called, coincidentally enough, "Spell-book".

That, original story holds a special place in my heart. It was the first transformation fic I came across and consequently, the first transformation scene I would fantasize about endless times. That story, with all its flaws, was how I realized I had a TF fetish all those many years ago.

Now that I find myself writing clop for others to enjoy, I felt it only right to rewrite that story and add ponies and my own scenes. I liked the idea of giving homage to that original fic for taking me down the TF fetish. To be honest, yours is light years above the 'original' concept laid out ly, and this one will immediately take it's spot on my favorite go-to stories when I want an awesome TF and MC story. Aww, you humble me greatly, but I can't claim to be the better writer. It's much easier to improve an existing story than to create a new one out of thin air. As I said before, I was 'clopping' to the Spellbooks scenario for a long time.

So, over the years, I would add extra little twists or things here and there to keep it fresh. Turns out, those random clop scenarios I think of work out pretty well when turned into a short story. In fact, to be perfectly blunt, this isn't the only story Tg mind control stories wrote that is based off a scenario I thought up while clopping. I wish more people shared their TF clop ideas. I'm quite certain that everyone who's into TF has created their own little TF sexual fantasies or clopped to the thought of some extra scenes to existing TF stories. Anyway, you should consider taking your favorite one and putting it down in words and add ponies to make a clopfic.

Chances are, that if you found it really hot, well then the rest of us in this crazy TF community will find it really hot as well. I feel. Fluttershy was gently sucking on his flared head when it suddenly started spurting. The first wave of cum catches her by surprise and she almost chokes.

She quickly swallows it all, only for another spurt to fill her mouth, and again, and again. The taste of it practically sends her over the edge, and she feels herself squirt even more mare juices around the hoof she has buried between her legs.

I would read that for sure. How long ago did the mind control aura you had wear off? Remember I casted that spell quite a bit earlier than the transformation I did to you, so it ended a while earlier. Which would have been about a minute or so after you started blowing me.

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Like, right before you started deepthroating me, and before I came into your mouth. Yeah, right about there. Why do you ask? At least that what i think happened. Your mind could be visualizing Ben as Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw. This story, as AudioBook on Sound Cloud. Just realized something that should have happened near the end Was only curious if it were to be mentioned Fluttershy breaks the kiss, then moves to his ear and whispers: "Finish inside. generated in 0. Support us SubStar Chat! Discord Follow us Twitter. Story Lists What's Hot?

Twisted Transformation Tales written by TwistedSpectrum. This story has been marked as having adult content. Please click below to confirm you are of legal age to view adult material in your country. Comments Viewing 1 - 50 of Mist Shaker. Celestia help me, somepony please help me choose wisely. Dash Attack. Eternal Aviator. Epic Brony 4 Life. James Rye. With full kicking power that is. Dream Quill. Just occurred to me while reading. Oh dear.

Twilight Scientist. Da Bes Loser. I'd wanta a whole other story with the same theme as this chapter. In his excitement thoughhe sort of forgets the subtlety.

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Then there is another small lick. She feels her climax starting to draw near She did it all that with her own free will?! Comment posted by Chaos Blitz deleted Jun 7th, Stats generated in 0.

Tg mind control stories

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