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It all sounds so aweful, lacking any real fun or advantages. Melanie was one of the…larger women of the spectrum, who you would think get easily annoyed at carrying around a body as huge as hers, be troubled with most of her pants barely fitting over her fat ass, and having to spend a little extra time fitting into her bras. On the contrary, she was fat not just cause she got to indulge herself to A LOT of delicious food, but because she enjoyed the perks that came with being fat.

It was on a chubby chaser chat forum that she meet Dolan, a man that she could easily tell loved her flabby body not just from all the endless Likes she received on the pictures she ed, but he was always the one to give her the most praise, praising her like she was the re-incarnation of a goddess, or something along those lines. After a month of just watching his adoration for her ed material grow and become gradually more romanticized. In the beginning it had mostly been rather blunt praise that just said how sexy and gorge-ously fat she was, leaving all kinds of funny jokes, like saying that she was gorge-ous that she puts the word beautiful to shame…but as time moved on, it started to move away from being just jokes, to actually getting serious.

Just from reading his latest responses, and finding them so a lot more charming than the ones in the beginning, did she decide to send him a message. He was, of course, shocked and taken aback when he found out that she had contacted himwanting to talk with him! It took some time, but he eventually calmed down from the shock, and they Tg wg story able to actually have a real conversation. A conversation that lasted for a very long time. While she ate and enjoyed herself in his company, he just watched as she stuffed hot dogs, eclairs, and the occasional donut down her throat.

He just watched her stuff Tg wg story gorge herself when she became hungry, or whenever her belly rumbled. They were more than made for each other, he wanting nothing more than to stuff and fatten her, while she was content with just letting him pamper and spoil her as much as possible. Both enthralled in passionate kisses, but Dolan touching and grabbing whatever he could of her abundence of fatty flesh.

That night, loud creaking and delightful moans were heard coming from behind the bedroom door, and strewn around the floor were clothes that had been hurriedly removed, and just tossed onto the floor… - Many months later, though, while coming home after a visit to one ofher favourite buffets to eat at, she notices that Dolan is a little…out of it. He walks into the bedroom, shutting the door behind him.

Recently, his behavior has seen a slow decline. Just today could be a primary example, as while shoveling hot dogs into her mouth, he was actually looking down, and not at her belly or boobs, but down at the table! That is unheard of! Wanting to find the reason behind this sudden change and attitude, she walks into the bedroom after him, catching him off-guard, as he flinches upon seeing her. Normally, after coming home from a long drive, she usually fixes herself up something to eat, but today, just like him, she surprised him by not exactly following the status-quo.

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His shock disipated, and he exhaled a heavy sigh. He patted the bed beside him, telling her that he wanted her to sit, and she wobbled over towards the bed and sat down, while he stood up and walked towards the desk where the laptop was. Immediatly, pictures of what looked to be fat women appeared on-screen.

He told her to read, which she did, Tg wg story her belly as she was forced to lean forward a little, pressing down on her tummy, which put a little bit of presure on it. She gasped, and her eyes widened at the revelation of what he was trying to tell her. She looked back, but was meet with him looking away from her. To give him some alone-time. She wobbled into the bedroom, and sat down on the couch. There was only one way in which she could make all this go away forever, and it required going online to search up a few things.

Ever since reading it, a certain name had been popping up in her head, almost bugging her. The only thing she cared about at the moment was whether it could help their relationship. A cake? I know that the thought of gaining as a man might discourage you, but at least give it a try, enjoy it for me? Starting up the laptop, he stripped down, and then sat down in the chair. Holding the plate with his hand, he takes his first bite by inserting the spoon into his mouth.

Immediatly, his eyes shoot wide open after just one bite from the incredible cake. Looking down, he is a little taken aback by the out of nowhere stomach noises, but he quickly discards those thoughts as a much better one pops into his head. Maybe he should have another. It was afterall really good… Heeding both the thought and his hungry gut, he gladly helps himself to another spoonful.

Having a lot more on the spoon this time. For every spoonful he gets down, his hunger for more cake grows, as well as his hunger in general. Not that he was complaining, the cake was afterall very delicious. Oh my god, its sooo good! I-hrnng-I want more cake! I need more cake! He begins eating more furiously, showing less and less regard for proper manners. As the last bite dissapears down his throat, he waits for a few seconds before letting out a loud bassy belch.

Sounding a lot hungrier than before, before being followed up on by starting to feel…weird. Ah, whatever, I need more cake. He grabs the plate with the cake on it, and just grabs slices of cake off it, and just stuffing them into his mouth. Chewing just slowly enough that he can enjoy their amazing taste in his mouth. Without even realizing it, his body has already been subjected to a series of changes, that unlike the cake will indeed leaving him looking a lot more different than when he arrived home, earlier.

His skin all-over becomes Tg wg story lot softer, causing all on his body to dissapear, leaving perhaps only his crotch and head with hear on them.

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His hair was always rather small, and despite feeling the hairs growing, he remained oblivious as his hair reached down to his shoulders. Becoming darker, as well. Following his new hair, his face is next in line, and not only does he gain silky smooth skin, but his features become a lot sharper. Giving him smooth cheeks, longer eyelashes, softer and plumper lips, but also an obviously womanly face in place of his male one… After every slice of cake is completly devoured, he continually burps and belches loudly, filling the entire room.

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Next, his chest starts pushing out, growing from a flat chest into soft pillow-like breasts, whose nipples grow longer, poking against the fabric of his shirt. Nor the fact that in growing out, they also raised up his shirt, exposing his still male-looking midriff.

While his arms grow slender, causing the sleeves of his shirt hang a little looser around them, his stomach is next in line for being swept by change. His waist narrows, making his hips seem bigger, but his belly becomes flat, leaving him with a Tg wg story abdomen. As his hips grow, gain a round curvy figure to them, their growth also determines how big his butt grows too, which is exactly what happens next.

His butt begins stretching outwards immediatly after his hips complete rounding out, now rounding his butt out, making the once small rear swell into a soft and prominently round booty. His penis dissapears into his crotch, leaving him with a smooth slit. And finally, his transformed into a woman is fulfilled by his upper legs gaining a bit more mass, courtesy of his newly plumped hips, leaving him with slender legs.

In that exact moment as his transformed finishes, he eats the last slice of cake, leaving him with nothing but crumbs as he licks his fingers clean. His stomach, now feeling full and satisfied from managing to eat the whole thing. Lastly, he downs the entire glass of soda in a single gulp.

As he stands up, all of the clothes that used to fit him perfectly earlier in the day, immediatly fall to the floor. Exclaiming at her pants falling, she reaches down, trying to grab it before it hits the floor. She misses it, but then feels something bouncing on her chest as Tg wg story hand bumps into something. She looks down, and is meet with a pair of round, perky D-cups, instead of a flat chest. Holding them, before she then squeezes them, making her flinch a little from the sudden sensations brought on by herself squeezing her new nipple, unwittingly.

As soon as its switched on, she momentarily freezes in place as she sees her face on the screen. Its a young, beautiful dark-haired woman. Its her. Doing nothing but stare at her own reflection in shocked disbelief. Somehow, eating that cake left behind by Melanie had transformed her into a woman. Looking down at her flat tummy, she gently pats the dissapointingly fat surface, but still smiles towards it at the same time. Sounding a lot deeper and louder, as well. Expanding as her entire body is layered with soft, creamy fat.

Having the shirt sink into her fat.

Tg wg story

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