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The Ring cycle revolves around the titular ring, which is forged of the Rhinegold. It tells us of the danger of greed, with the vying for possession of the ring, leading to disastrous consequences for almost everyone. The four operas can be performed as a whole or as stand alone pieces.

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The characters are based on Norse Gods, with the overarching story of Wotan, the King of the Gods stealing a cursed ring from dwarf Alberich, which is similar to the famous fantasy novel Lord of the Rings. The Valkyrie draws most strongly from the 13 th Century Saga of the Volsungs, a tale of the rise and fall of family descended from Odin himself, which becomes intertwined with the cursed ring Andvaranaut — sound familiar?

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Detailing the beginning sections of the saga, The Valkyrie adapts the story of Sigmund Siegmund and y Sieglindesimplifying it and adding some incestuous themes. Wagner is renowned for his extensive use of leitmotif a reoccurring musical motif used to musically represent a person, theme, place or thing in his works, most notably in his Ring Cycle. While by no means the originator of the practice, he famously attributes leitmotifs to many important characters, events and themes within these fours operas, with hundreds of leitmotifs being found within the music. Keep an eye out for the ever watching ravens of Wotan skulking around the stage.

Known for his revolutionary approach to music, Richard Wagner is one of the most famous German composers.

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Keep control of your data. Our Privacy and Cookie Notices explain how we use it. It's part of a wider story. Has a basis in Norse sagas. Laden with leitmotifs.

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Richard Jones brings the world of the Nibelungen to life. The beginner's guide to Wagner Known for his revolutionary approach to music, Richard Wagner is one of the most famous German composers. Find out more about the man behind some of the most popular opera music here….

Thevalkyrie com new stories

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