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Alice stood before the door, looking both directions. She bit her lip. She scuffed the toe of her shiny black shoe against the mat outside the door, and checked the address for the third time. When she had copied the ad out of the magazine, she expected that the neighborhood would be run down, even dangerous. A breeze caught her plaid skirt, and she put her hands down to keep it in place. She felt the wad of bills she had saved over the summer, saving just for this.

With a trembling finger, she reached up and pressed the buzzer. Almost right away the door opened. She smiled softly. The maid's eyebrows arched up? Moments later it was opened by a woman with stunning red hair. She wore a light sheer robe with fur trim at the collar and hem. Miss Catherine for it was no other looked down at Alice with intense curiosity, then looked both ways up and down the block. Alice blushed and rubbed one foot with the other. For money. Miss Catherine smirked.

Come back when you're a few years older. She began to shut the door, and Alice panicked. The door froze as Miss Catherine eyes went back and forth from the money to the schoolgirl. Miss Catherine thought for a moment. No, she couldn't actually be entertaining this idea. The little girl probably didn't realize the full reality of what it was her service provided. Alice's heart beat hard against her chest. It took forever to get her first foot to move, but then she was through the door, which shut heavily behind her.

Alice clutched the money close to her as she slowly circled about taking in the Tickling story archives surroundings of Miss Catherine's estate. Everything was so plush and soft and clean. Alice sat, and Miss Catherine settled in beside her. Alice fumbled for words. Spank them, sometimes, I suppose.

The ad said something like that. Come, come, don't be reticent with me. Speak plain. Alice's face turned pink and her mouth went dry. Miss Catherine nearly burst out laughing, but she refrained for the sake of embarrassing the poor child any further. I'm sure you could find any boy at your school who would be more than happy to give you a playful poke or two. But I don't think you really want me just yet, darling. Alice choked back her disappointment. My, this child was the precocious one. Alice said nothing, but nodded, trembling.

Miss Catherine took her hand between her own. Have you considered Tickling story archives Being naked when getting tickled? It's a very awkward thing to be. You don't do a thing. Barbara stopped dusting the shelves across the room when she heard this.

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She turned around, seemingly shocked that the discussion was still continuing. Alice felt bad for Barbara, but she knew that sometimes rich people had to keep their servants in their place. Barbara let out a breath and continued her cleaning. Miss Catherine turned back to Alice, her gentle demeanor returned. You'd be naked in front of both of us. Once removed, she started to roll the white Tickling story archives ankle socklets down her feet. Alice closed her eyes, Tickling story archives her chest flushed with warmth.

Without preamble, Miss Catherine lit into tickling Alice's feet with her long nails, using rapid long scratches. Alice shrieked, and fell flat on her back on the couch, pounding her fists into the cushions, hysterical with laughter. Miss Catherine held her ankles firmly in place as her hard nails skittered over one sole, then the other, then in between the toes, remaining silent all the while.

When Miss Catherine stopped, Alice was quite out of breath and her hair was a mess. Her white top was also disheveled, having come untucked from her skirt in several places. And I daresay that was more than you were prepared to handle. Miss Catherine's shoulders sank. She saw the money lying now scattered on the couch and over Alice. It was, actually, quite a bit- -more than five times her usual fee.

And a profitable one for Miss Catherine, to be sure. Barbara locked eyes with her mistress for several seconds, then meekly turned toward Alice. But Barbara said nothing as she set about to unbuttoning Alice's blouse and quickly untucking it from her skirt. And soon you'll be filling it out. Alice turned to look to Miss Catherine and nearly stumbled as Barbara yanked her skirt down around her ankles.

Miss Catherine had doffed her many layered gown and now stood in a corset and stockings.

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The corset seemed to be made of leather, but was of the prettiest, shiniest pink Alice had ever seen. Barbara carried the skirt and blouse across the room and stopped by Miss Catherine. We'll start by letting her know her place, thought Miss Catherine. She sat in the oversized wicker chair stuffed with cushions. Alice shyly crossed the Tickling story archives, her hands covering her tiny nipples and exposed sex, and stood in front of Miss Catherine. Alice bent forward, lips puckered. Alice kneeled down and then, nervously, began to plant little puckery kisses at the tips of Miss Catherine's toes.

Miss Catherine's breath caught in her, something Barbara noticed from her silent stance across the room. Time to move forward. She circled a nipple with her finger. Alice swallowed hard and moved toward the nipple. She had to press her body against Miss Catherine's to do so, and her skin goosefleshed as she felt the leather and skin against her naked body. She kissed the nipple once, then twice again.

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Miss Catherine's eyes rolled back in pleasure. An electrical jolt went through Miss Catherine's nipple as Alice's little tongue rolled over it. Across the room, Barbara coughed politely. Very good. Her legs were a bit wobbly, but she took a few cleansing breaths and was soon quite herself again. Alice saw the contents of the chest, and eyed them curiously. She couldn't even begin to imagine what all the items were for, or why they would be used in the first place, but she said nothing.

She didn't want to ruin this opportunity that she was going to finally have. Alice climbed into the bed, which was almost too high for her. Barbara obediently took Alice's wrists and began securing them in similar fashion to the head of the bed.

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Alice's breath came quick, and Barbara looked down at her with a hint of pity for what was to come. Now, we'll start with something simple, I should think. Barbara, dust her off, would you? The maid flushed hotly, but she said nothing. She dipped her head and began undoing the back of her outfit.

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Alice watched silently, feeling every tiny air current in the room across her uncovered body. She had seen other girls naked before, of course. Even other women. And she had just now only seen Miss Catherine's own bare breasts. It was more than she had every imagined.

Worth the whole wad and more, she thought to herself. When the buxom brunette had completely denuded, Miss Catherine presented her with a feather duster. Barbara began bustling the feathers about Alice's bound wrists, as though she were busily dusting furniture. She dusted Alice's forehead and nose, which made the girl grin and sputter. This is silly, thought Alice. The duster began working over her shoulder and underarm, Tickling story archives off the girl's thoughts with an involuntary giggle.

It was SO soft! But this! Maybe you don't want to be tickled after all? But Alice didn't try to reply, so Miss Catherine nodded curtly to the maid. Instantly, the feathers were dancing across Alice's flat titties, teasing the pebbly little pink nipples. Alice was in heaven!

Lower the feathers traveled in their dustings.

Tickling story archives

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