Tied up and fucked stories

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Sammi watched helplessly as Marta was being doggy fucked on the bed right in front of her. She was gagged, and tied to a chair next to the bed, as a vibrator snuggled up to her clit and curved around inside her, clinging to her G-spot. The vibrator He knew she was drunk, and possibly a little high.

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Tied up and fucked stories knew deep down inside that Darcie de Mary just finished reading the new project outlined by upper management. I tried to shift in my seat a little, enough to turn the window crank with my knee. If I could get it down, even just a bit more, then maybe the next man cou You are overwhelmed… You are beginning to see again, but only slightly.

The early sunlight is starting to conflict with the firelight, and leaves the whole beach looking dimmer than it did before, somehow. It is still hard to keep your eyes You are enjoying this. The night air cools the blood that rises to the surface of you, but only so much. The evening is still warm, but as the sun descends further below the mountains, the temperature quickly falls with it You are so lovely… …Standing in the water before the ocean in fading daylight.

Backlit by sunset — silhouetted yet shining; wrapped in shadow, but radiant. A powerful figure. You are delirium incarnate. You are a tangible, animate hallucina Again, a warm and hearty welcome to my Earth readers. I continue my tale of my adventures with my pleasure-slave Melora, and various other slaves too.

As readers are aware, I had retired to the planet Rigel VI, on the outer rim of our galaxy The sun was beating down off the old black State highway. Outside must have been nearly a hundred degrees. Inside the Audi A4, the AC vents blew a cool hard seventy over Glenn's knuckles, as the speedometer flirted with ninety miles per hour.

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His eyes The fire crackled in the corner, filling the room with a heady mix of wood smoke and vanilla. The curtains were drawn, protecting them from the cold, dark night outside. In the same armchair, a couple sat watching the flames flicker and spark in the st It was Tuesday afternoon.

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My husband worked late every Tuesday but I got off early and that gave me some free time. Actually, it wasn't really free time. Let me back up and explain the situation. His hands left mine and went to the clasp between my breasts. It was the last barrier The club was packed with the heat of compressed bodies, gyrating, pumping and swaying, the lights seeming to intermittently pick out random body parts for the inspection of those standing on the edges.

Watching, assessing, selecting. He said he had a surprise for me.

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We have been on the road for almost forty-five minutes when we turn onto a back road in a small town. I am lying against him, with his arm around me, his fingers tracing figure eights across my hip. He turns the truck onto This has always been a secret fantasy of mine.

I have the best boyfriend and he's open enough to let me try this, even to actually set it up for me. Ever since the beginning of our relationship we have talked about our sexual fantasies and explored quite for Free! Write Your Own Story. Filter Genres.

Extreme Edging She was tied to a chair and made to watch her friend being doggy fucked.

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Excuse Me, Mister Can a helpless, naked young woman get a man's help? With Startling Insight Tied up and fucked all night. Citronella and Salt The sun sets. The Highway Girl Road Trip! Names A glimpse into a blurring "relationship".

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Taking Charge Thank you JWren for taking the time to edit my work, and great art work. Abandoned Wife Chapter 4 b Wife finally learns the plot. The Tease. The Best Gift He surprises her with an unforgettable anniversary gift. Secret Fantasy Fulfilled My fantasy of being fucked by a stranger in the woods was fulfilled way beyond my expectations.

Tied up and fucked stories

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I Got Tied Up Using BDSM Restraints And F**ked HARD