Tight panties stories

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Share Story. You must to do that! No ? now! Story Details. Alastair 16 and Malcolm 15 were your typical siblings.

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They were frenemies at home but stuck up for each other when outside. Altogether they were unremarkable, so what the heck happened to make them go astray? Opportunity and happenstance was the formula to start things down a path that neither could have anticipated. Not that they ended up complaining. As Alastair was considered "old enough" to be responsible their parents left her in change while they took a get away long weekend for their wedding anniversary.

Alastair decided she was not going to have any friends over or let her brother have any over either. Both knew that if they messed up they would be severally punished especially as this was their first opportunity to prove they did not need adult supervision.

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After their parents drove off they decided to watch a movie. This of course would not have been allowed to watch if their parents were home. Malcolm produced a small baggy of pot and rolled up a couple for Alastair and himself. This was no surprise to her as she already knew he smoked-up. She indulged on occasion and it was one of those occasions. Considering they would not have any friends over she felt that this was a fairly safe transgression. They both were toking when the movie started.

There were some semi nudity and fairly hot scenes but nothing too crazy. Alastair was getting a bit worked up and wondered how the movie was effecting her brother. She look over at Malcolm and saw a real nice lump in her brother's pants. She felt herself getting a bit hotter but figured it was just the movie and the pot. Near the end of the movie the electricity went out leaving the house in utter darkness. Malcolm went to a window opened the drapes and reported that it must be a blackout as the whole street was Tight panties stories.

They scrambled around and found candles and a flash light. After they had lit enough candles to at least see.

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Malcolm suggested that they play truth or dare. They played a few rounds of the game but started to get bored as the truths and dares were too tame. Malcolm rolled another t and they smoked some more. Alastair still a little aroused dared Malcolm to show her the bulge she saw earlier. Without hesitating he pulled off his pants and stood in profile so sis could see what she asked for.

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It was lucky that they were only in candle light or he would have seen Alastair go all red. She could barely believe how big the bulge was. She had not done too much with boys yet. Alastair had been felt up through her cloths and rubbed herself against a boys hardon but not much else.

On his turn Malcolm's asked her a truth "Tell me with details of your first orgasm". Alastair immediately sucked in her breath and knew she had just lost a chance to tell a lie. Malcolm laughed "This is going to be good". Alastair said "Well, I'll tell you but you can never tell another sole or I will make your life a living hell". Malcolm replied "Fair enough".

Alastair started her story, "One morning when I was twelve Mom had not done the wash all week. I was down to only a few clean underwear. I picked a pair that were too small. They tended to rub me so that I became aroused. I Tight panties stories not really understand what was happening but as the day went on I started to fidget more and more. It was like needing to pee but not being able to get to the washroom.

I was in the family room with Dad and could not sit still. He saw my state and asked if anything was wrong. I told him I was OK but kept fidgeting. I started to play with Mom's center piece on the coffee table and Dad told me to stop. In my state of agitation I could not stop. The inevitable happened Tight panties stories I broke off one of the center piece's small figurines. Dad shook his head and said I was going to get punished. He took me to my room and placed me over his lap. When he lifted my skirt to start my spanking my underwear was stuck deep in my butt crack and pussy slit.

As Dad started the spanking a flood of sensations washed over me. The excitement of being exposed to a man, the pain of Dad's hand slapping my bare tushy, the rubbing of my clit over his knee and my tight underwear buried in my slit had my body climbing towards an orgasm. With each smack of his hand I moaned and cried out 'Daddy'. After a dozen whacks I had a very powerful orgasm. Dad was scared thinking he had really hurt me so he held me tight as my body spasms slowly dissipated.

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I know he had no idea that I had an orgasm as he sent Mom up to see me. She asked if Daddy had hurt me. I told him no I had been bad and needed to get punished. That was the last time Dad ever spanked me". Malcolm said "Wow, you came for your Daddy, wild sis". Alastair defended herself with "I was too young to know what was happening. I came but not really for my Daddy as you put it.

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Well it is my turn so little bro what is the wildest sexual thing you have every done, if any"? Malcolm snickered "Well I ate out sisters"! Alastair was in shock as she had no idea her little brother had done more to a girl than she had done with a boy. She even had a short bust of envy. Tight panties stories continued "I have never told anyone this story as I try not to kiss and tell. I was with Patricia Jensen. We were in her room necking and I said I would go down on her.

She was real worked up and let me pull off her panties. I used my tongue and fingers while she gave directions. Soon she came very hard. What neither of us knew was her little sister was watching. To make a long story short her sister threatened that she would tell unless I did the same to her.

I had little choice so I went down on her sister.

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One thing lead to another and they sucked my cock. We ended up spending the afternoon having oral sex. We started doing this Tight panties stories. It almost broke my heart when those girls moved away". If Alastair was in shock before she was now looking at a brother she never knew. It was Malcolm's turn and he asked "Alastair do you use a vibrator to get off"? She replied "Dare" which prompted him to say "I want you to reenact the first time you had an orgasm. I'll be Dad". Alastair was stuck, Malcolm would win if she refused.

So much was swirly around in her head. She was high, horny and jealous of his experiences. She was thinking that this would not be considered incest as he would not be only spanking her ass. What she had not told Malcolm was that occasionally she would masturbate to the memory of that first orgasm. She would come but without the spanking it was never as powerful as the first time.

Tight panties stories

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