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Welcome to my new hot sex story and my new commission on this site. Special thanks to the woman who gave me the necessary info to write this story and requested this one. This one is dedicated to her. Hasna, now a married mother of a kid, aged 27, was reminiscing about her life so far.

She was thinking about the fateful day that turned her life upside down, leaving her with memories of a life she stilled missed ever since she got married and ripping herself apart from her actual life of love, lust, and happiness.

Hasna was a naughty girl since her school years. She watched and read all kinds of naughty things and they molded her into what she would become in the future. She involved in athletics ever since she entered the university at the age of twenty-one. During one such an event, she had Train groping stories hymen broken right in front of her family who were watching her! Hasna was scared but her mom was determined. Her mom believed she was a good girl and thus her family did the same. She was glad that at least it happened as her family was watching her.

Otherwise, if she just went home with a broken hymen after swimming around in a crowded university full of men and isolated spaces, everyone could have assumed something else. Sure, she was naughty, but she always cared for what her parents, especially her mother, expected of her. She would fuck herself and squirt Train groping stories over the place, with orgasmic relief.

She remained a good little single virgin until the age of twenty-one, when everything changed. She had an hours-long journey from her home to the university. A major part of this journey, she travelled by train, a train so crowded, that the personal spaces of the passengers became memories even before the train reached its peak crowd.

Of course, all kinds of things happen between consenting and non-consenting adults in crowded trains and this one was no exception. Every day was a day for some woman on the train, but there came along the one day, which was the day for…Hasna… The day she never waited for, but came for her anyway. The memories of the day were still vivid in her mind to this day. Hasna was traveling by train, dressed in her salwar and her headcover in the middle of the large, unforgiving crowd. Behind her back was a tall, handsome man with a mustache who had no choice but to have his crotch pushed into her lower back through her thin salwar.

She turned around and looked at him and he was looking outside the window. She also decided to do the same. The man had his right palm below his crotch and his knuckles against her ass! The cold touch of his hand on her warm ass froze her. She just waited anyway.

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He started moving his hand up and down. He was clearly rubbing his knuckles against her ass!

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Now the man was groping her ass with both hands, confidently, having seen no resistance from her. It was dark inside of the train, due to the strong crowd all the way towards the footboard, having no inside lights and the windows being too low to let in some adequate level of sunlight in, and he was taking full advantage of it.

He started sliding his hand into her salwar from the side cuts it had, Train groping stories the waist all the way down to its lower ends. Hasna was shivering and sweating at the same time. Her eyes had been widened in horror as the man started playing with her belly Train groping stories. As he pulled her belly buttons to one side and the other, from time to time, she felt a weird sensation rising inside of her body.

It was new but it was good. Later, he lightly pinched the two sides of her waist, making her almost gasp. She quickly tightened her left palm against her mouth and stopped herself from releasing any sound. He placed his palms against her belly, got her pressed against himself even more than the crowd forced him to and started rubbing his hands up till he felt her bra. Her mind was as empty as her eyes. She still had her hanky prepared in her left hand, in case she had to hide a gasp or a moan again.

He rubbed her up to her bra with his fingertips, pressed his index fingertips a bit into her bras from down under and started rubbing the lower parts of the bases of her tits. He slowly tried to push her bra off her tits, but it was tightly holding her tits inside its cups.

He ran the fingers of each of his hands on each of her bra straps that ran from her front to her back, found the hook and unhooked her bra. She felt her tits loosening in her bra cups that completely shut her down, emotionally. But as this was happening, so was something else.

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The more she resisted it, the more her own pussy said something very, very different. She felt her vagina wetting itself from inside.

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Sure, it has been wet before, but this was the first time another person, a man, was doing it for her. Anyway, back to the action. Once her tits were loosened inside her bra cups, the stranger rubbed the bra straps back to her front, pushed her bra cups up and started playing with her tits and her nipples. This was when she left the perpendicular handlebar that she was holding with her right hand, put her right arm around the bar and got it placed over her boobs.

He was roughing them up, squeezing, kneading and pulling them while pinching and twisting her nipples too, occasionally.

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His rough knuckles were running against her forearm through her salwar throughout the time. But deep down, she liked the way it felt too. This was a weird kind of pain. A painful pleasure, or more like a pleasurable pain. But with her pussy getting wetter and it became harder and harder for her to hide a moan, she hoped to get off soon. She was still far away from her stop and he was nowhere near to stopping.

His rock hard cock was pressed against her lower back and his gland was felt at her ass. Sure, it was still inside his pants, but its size was imminent to her. But her relief was short-lived. He started sliding his right hand into her panty, and soon, he was rubbing her wet pussy.

His left hand was no longer on her body. He rubbed her aroused clitoris smoothly. She was surprised at how he managed to do that without hurting her. She wondered why. Then she realized it. He had assumed her to have a hymen and he was afraid to break it there. As hard as it is to believe, she could have been gangbanged into a pulp for saying something like that. The train was full of strong, rough men and having multiples of them attacking her body at the same time would be the last thing she wanted.

But now, Train groping stories was getting near damn impossible for her to take it anymore without making weird moves. She slowly turned her face towards her back and looked at his face, with her eyes about to water. She nodded a no, silently asking him not to arouse her anymore with pleading wet eyes.

She still felt his erect cock on her ass and as he held her shoulders in his hands and placed his chin on her right shoulder, she closed her eyes and wiped away the tears forming under her eyelids. He kept rubbing her arms up and down in a consoling manner. She felt consoled. She slowly turned her face towards him again and he smiled at her. Surely, they both wished they could talk to each other and get to know each other, but in the middle of a crowded bus was no place for that. Once the train reached the stop, she pushed herself through the door out of it, and as she turned around and watched the train leave, she saw that he was nowhere to be seen.

With a puzzled heart but a soul happier than Train groping stories, she started walking towards the bus stop, to take a bus to her university…. Special thanks to the ISS admins for publishing my stories and to the woman who suggested me this new idea to write a story loosely based on her own life.

Most importantly, thank you for all my readers for reading and sharing my stories with your friends. You guys are the best. View all stories in series. What did you think of this story??

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Train groping stories

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