True foot fetish stories

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Ok so, I am new! I have been around for a long time but this is my first post! I have been reading your stories for ages and have read heaps of advice that people have been sharing and finally I had my first real foot fetish experience! A lot more stories have happened since this one, I just wanted to build up a decent collection before I started posting.

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Anyways, let's get into it! Anyway, I never thought I would have the guts to talk about my foot fetish to a girl in person, but on the second day of the year about 6 months ago I was sitting next to this really beautiful girl in maths class wearing flip flops and I noticed she had really beautiful toes painted a delicious red color, instantly I started getting excited just looking at them and about 5 minutes of just constantly staring at them I was slumped down in my chairshe noticed.

I didn't even True foot fetish stories her turn her head I just kept on looking and eventually she elbowed me and said "what? I hopped on facebook and I saw her come in the library and walk towards me, she sat down next to me and just smiled at me, she leant over and said "Can I add ya? Her: so Me: whaa? Her: what were you staring at in class I saw you looking at the floor for ages Me: oh haha, I dunno. Her: Ok :P I thought you were looking at my feet, I was gonna ask why? Me: Oh yeah, well I guess I was hahaha your toes are really pretty Her: awwwwww thanks! Me: Haha, I dunno.

I finally got to the address and knocked on the door and OMFG! Sarah stumbled over to her and fell over laughing, I couldn't see what was so funny but I slowly walked over to the couch were the twister spinner was and flicked the spinny thing and it landed on left foot blue so I said "who's turn? Ash, said "We aren't getting naked though" I just laughed. This shortly ended when they were both just rolling around laughing, I had basically sat there for the entire time just flicking the spinny thing.

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So Ash suggested we watch a movie after she put her clothes back on and Sarah agreed, so of course I just went along with it thinking this would lead to something awesome! We made some drinks and ordered a pizza and got comfy on a few beanbags and Sarah chose Scary Movie 3 and after about half an hour the pizza arrived and Sarah ran to get it, she came back and we devoured the entire pizza in a couple of minutes. After the movie Ash was fast asleep and Sarah sort of rolled over to me and we started talking about school and just crap, then she put her feet up in my lap and said "You like feet don't you?

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Can I have a foot massage? She noticed, even though I moved her feet onto my chest so she didn't feel it. She put her hand on my leg and rubbed lightly and up and down my leg so I moved positions, this chick was fucking amazing so I just grabbed her and pulled her on top of me. She put her hands on my chest and leaned in close and kissed me, slowly at first and we picked up the pace shortly after, I pulled her top off and she did mine, then she undid my pants and pulled out my dick and paused everything and just looked at me and smiled.

She stood up and put her foot right on my dick and started rubbing it up and down 'I was so shocked that I almost blew' but I kept control of it and then after a little while she stood back a bit and slowly, she started to strip. She bounced up True foot fetish stories down for a few wonderful minutes and I couldn't hold it any longer, I grabbed control and stood up still inside of her and laid her on the couch and grabbed her ankles and pulled her feet up to my face and got stuck in.

Slowly I pumped away while sucking her toes and licking her beautiful soles, she had incredible size 6's and her toes were perfect! I pulled out and moved up to her face and stuck it in her mouth. She sucked for a few seconds and I blew, she swallowed a bit and it was sooo damn sexy, then I bent down and said "your turn" she got super excited, giggling and smiling uncontrollably and then I licked and fingered her hard and fast and she moaned so loud that I thought her friend would wake up, I looked back but she was snoring.

We got up and she led me to the shower, this is the most amazing experience i've ever had. I was about to realize how damn flexible this gorgeous girl was, she got the water nice and warm and pulled me in, she was still super horny and my boner didn't go down. She grabbed my dick and guided it back into her pussy so I pumped away and I asked her "Are you flexible? I pulled out and she gave me a handjob until I blew all down her leg, then she fingered herself a little bit and orgasmed while I watched. I hopped out and grabbed a towel. I dried up and went out to grab my clothes and what I saw made me almost shit myself!

I was looking down until I was only a few meters away from the couch and then looked up still with a pretty decent boner, lucky it wasn't tiny which would have been embarrassing to see Ash sitting on the couch with a slice of pizza in her hand, Jaw, wide open! Just staring at me! To be continued. Thanks for reading guys, Im Nichmeister and I hope you enojoyed my first experience as much as I did. Feedback you get, Sir Nichmeister. I would say Peace back on your piece written here. Would love to of your genuine 6 month experiences and see pics too.

Not as much into the fiction True foot fetish stories much as NF. Was there ever any walking or trampling? How much did she weigh, and was there any crushing scenes with her feet near your face? Are you still with Sarah? Whatever happened with Ash? Peace back to you! Wow that's a awesome story man.

No im not into walking or trampling or crushing, thats not my style, I am still very close with her and we see each other at least twice a week and I usually worship her feet most weekends after she gets back from gymnastics. I have plenty more to type up tomorrow again, depending on feedback, I will continue once I get enough feedback.

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Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to hear more. This is an awesome story. Thanks for sharing, and please, don't hesitate to continue. I'll check back for the follow up. Moree plzz. I will continue this story very soon guys. That was an amazing story and I loved it! I have written many stories and this is really wonderful to read. If you have an opportunity, look up some of my Debbie stories and let me know what you think. I would love to read of her giving you a complete FJ if you can write one.

Keep writing Im just trying to tell it as best as I can remember xD. Ok so from there nothing much happened, I saw her and just stopped, a minute later I just continued to pick up my clothes and said bye and left I got a txt later on that night from Sarah saying she had a great time and couldn't wait to see me again. I just replied 'xD' it was a few days until I had any foot action again but the next time was fucking amazing!

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I sat on a chair close to the mat they were training on and watching them run around and flip and shit got me super hard. They eventually finished up and Sarah sat down next to me and said "I just gotta get changed, I'll be back in a second" She went into the change-rooms with all the other girls and the instructor went into the back office.

Now, I was sitting there with fuck all to do, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye, a pair of runners that I recognized, I thought hard and then remembered they were near the front door at Ash's place. I was very cautious, I looked around making sure no-one could see me and I grabbed one of the runners and buried my nose inside and took a few deep breaths, in ecstasy I lost awareness of my surroundings and a little while later, out of nowhere someone taps me on the shoulder.

True foot fetish stories

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A True First Foot Encounter