True foot tickling stories

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These stories are mostly s of tickling incidents I've had with friends over the years.

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But I enjoyed them none the less. A few of us had spent the day running around and had decided to crash at Charlotte's for the evening. It ended up being just Charlotte, her friend and workmate Sherry, my buddy Joe, and myself. We were just hanging out, talking and watching TV in Charlotte's living room.

Charlotte and Sherry were on the couch, with us guys on the floor in front of them. As the 4 of us sat there watching tv I noticed Charlotte beginning to use Joe as a footrest. He was lying on his side in the floor, and she began to prop her bare feet up on his back and side.

He shrugged her off a few times, and then she began to playfully poke his ribs with her toes. Joe pushed her foot away with his arm a couple of times, but she persisted, so he rolled onto his back and began to try and tickle both her feet while she tried to poke him in the stomach.

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I watched with great interest as they played this little game. They both laughed and squirmed and he tussled with her feet. Unfortunately Joe was an obsessive fingernail chewer, so he didn. But Charlotte was sensitive, so after a fairly brief struggle she pulled her feet away and tucked them under her. I was disappointed by such a brief tickle from such a good oppurtunity, but I wouldn't be disappointed long.

As I sat there and wondered why they didn't get in a more involved tickle contest I figured it was because they didn't know each other well, I'd recently introduced them I noticed Sherry whispering something to Charlotte. They were behind me on the couch so I couldn't see much, but I figured Sherry was up to something. I saw both girls smiling and giggling to each other in agreement, then they both dove off the couch directly on top of me!

I now found myself smothered under two furiously tickling females.

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I should have seen it coming from Sherry, she was a longtime family friend of mine, and a dyed in the wool tickle lover. She wasn't satisfied either with the brief tickling, so she had decided to take matters into her own hands; literally. Now I was at the bottom of this pile, suffering the consequences. I had always been, either fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your outlook, one of Sherry's favorite tickle targets. And she one of mine.

She had a habit though of recruiting reinforcements, as she was doing now. Sherry was a small girl, barely 5 feet, but one of three sisters who were always ganging up on me as. They loved this because they True foot tickling stories small, and younger than me, and I am quite large. But with strength of s they could absolutely tickle me to death whenever they wanted.

I usually got no help from others either, they all thought it was cute. So now Sherry had recruited Charlotte, and I was getting it again. I fought valiantly, but as they say, four hands are better than two. This was clearly a battle I was going to lose if Joe didn't help me. But Joe seemed in no hurry to rush to my aid. He sat there and watched for what seemed an eternity, but was probably only 2 or 3 minutes.

Why is it guys are so slow to come to each others aid? LOL Finally Joe charged in, grabbing one of the girls and making it 1 on 1. With that us guys began to throw our weight around, and got the girls but good. I wasn't worried about Sherry, she liked recieving as well as giving. And Charlotte seemed to be okay too, so we just tickled them breathless. We took our time, checking for all the best spots, and even switched girls a couple times. They fought back, but we had the advantage. And we were taking it. When we were all good and out of breath we finally stopped, and I thought that was that.

But at this point the girls began poking and scratching at each other. After a brief little bout they stopped, but then Sherry reached out and tickled Charlotte's exposed foot. Charlotte gasped and pulled her foot instantly to safety. Sherry then poutingly said "oh you baby" to Charlotte. Instantly catching her drift I said, "yeah she can't take it, such a wimp". Charlotte denied this charge immediately, and began recounting tales of merciless childhood tickles inflicted on her by her older siblings.

Charlotte winced and giggled, but held firm for about 20 seconds before she began to struggle for freedom. She pulled her foot free and shivered. Then Joe quickly grabbed Sherry's knee and squeezed firmly. Sherry squealed loudly and instantly tried to free her leg. She broke his grip in a few seconds True foot tickling stories Joe said "well, it seems she's tougher than you". With that we all began relating tickling stories we'd had, complete with demonstrations. This "tickle talk" must have gone on for about half an hour, with all of us telling of tickles we had given and received, with lots of testing for tickle spots thrown in.

Their was a lot of "hold still", "no, don't move, let me do it", that kind of thing.

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Finally we decided we were hungry, and the tickling for the night stopped. But we all shared many little tickling encounters after thatand I even got True foot tickling stories oppurtunity to gain my revenge on Sherry with the help of her friends. But that's another story. Comments and questions welcome. I was walking across the large grassy "quad" at my univerisity one day between classes when I heard hysterical female laughter from somewhere among the trees and shrubbery.

I looked around eagerly to identify where it was coming from. The laughter seemed to have that "tickle quality" if you know what I mean! I quickly found the source. Some little distance away I saw a guy furiously tickling a girl laying on a bench. As well as I remember, he was tickling her ribs and laughing himself. He kept saying, "Give me one good reason I should stop tickling you! One good reason! So Ed, you think you can match me story for story? Bring it on my friend, you're still down one. And it seems we're counting events we just witnessed and didn't participate in, huh?

Seriously Ed, thanks for the story, am looking forward to hearing more from you, or anyone else who cares to contribute. Night of the Living Tickle! This experience happened way back in the early 80's at an all night party called a lock in. It was at my church which had a good size youth group that ranged in age from jr. I was a jr. At this party we pretty much spent the night eating, watching movies, playing games, flirting and in my case, tickling. As the night wore onthe shoes started coming off, so needless to say there was ample opportunity for some good tickling action. The first tickle occured when I spied 3 girls that I went to school with sitting on top of a table with their backs to the wall and their legs straight out in front of them.

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Wanda was on the leftMelanie was in the middle and I cant remember the third girls name, but they were all hispanic girls and were all fairly attractive as well. Melanie was playing some kind of hand held game and the other girls were watching intently.

Me and my best friend ambled over to do some flirting and we walked right up in front of them where there feet were right there for the taking. I was standing in front of Wanda and Melanie and my buddy was in front of Melanie and the other girl. Oddly enough he started tickling first trying to distract Mel as she played her game.

She was fairly ticklish as she laughed and alternated her feet back and forth trying to play her game. Anyway that gave me the push I needed to start tickling and I used both hands one on Melanie and the other on Wanda, he did the same with Melanie and the other girl.

Wanda was especially ticklish, she squealed as I tickled her foot with my left hand and I could feel her soles wrinkle up thru her socks and Melanie was getting it the worst of the three as both of us tickled her. The third girl im not sure about but im guessing she was fairly ticklish also ,since they jumped up off the table at the same time to stop the tickle attack. It was short but sweet fun, to start off the tickling portion of the evening lol. Since i had the tickle bug, it was time to go out on the hunt for another victim would that make it a bug hunt?

Just asking. I True foot tickling stories my next victim at another table playing Monopoly. Her name was Kelly and she was also a classmate of mine at school. I had a mild crush on her at the time as i did with just about any girl with a heartbeat lol.

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She was a white girl with dark brown hair yyeesss!! She was sitting in a folding chair with her feet slipped up and over the bar on the bottom of the chair which conveniently held them in place. She had on some blue and white striped socks.

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I went over and knelt beside and started talking to her as she played, the usual teasing and flirting. Finally, I made my move and ran my fingers down the sole of her left foot which immediately twitched and twisted and she let out her glorious laugh.

I told her I loved that laugh that I just had to hear it some more and started tickling her foot again ,I couldnt reach the right one yet, and she started laughing some more. The others at the table werent yet sure what was going on, they thought I was telling her dirty jokes or something. She finally shifted her other foot over to try and cover up and I tickled it also for a couple of seconds until she stood up to stop it.

Drats ,foiled again!! By this time she was really laughing loud and everybody wanted to be let in on the joke. She said there was no joke, that I was tickling her feet and it was driving her crazy in agood way- lol I kept looking for another opportunity at these feet all night but she was to wise for me. The third tickle was a True foot tickling stories brief encounter with yet another high shool classmate we graduated together. Her name was Julie and she was another dark haired beauty.

She was just sitting in a chair with her legs crossed watching the happenings. Of course she had her shoes off and she was wearing some multi colored socks. What caught my eye was her dangling foot, hanging there, twisting back and forth as she clenched and unclenched her toes. Ive always had a weakness for this. I walked straight over to her and just said "Hey Julie what are you doing" as I bent down and ran my fingers along the sole of her foot.

Now Julie has a sexy husky voice ala Demi but when I tickled her it went up an octave or 2 as she yelped-squealed-laughed. She shot up out of her chair like a scared cat and said dont do that. She was obviously very ticklish and her sister confirmed as much when she told me to tickle her sides with a laugh. Her sister said whenever she wants something she would just wiggle her fingers in a menacingly tickling way and Julie would readily comply. I told her i would have to remember True foot tickling stories much to Julies dismay.

She also had short hair and was very much the sun queen with the darkest tan I had seen at that time. I ran into her one day at a store, she was barefooted and they were very tan and creamy white on the soles. Lovely feet ,they were.

True foot tickling stories

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