True foot worship stories

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I finally grew the balls to contact a foot goddess to satisfy my foot fetish cravings and let me tell you it was well worth it.

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When I first met the goddess I was very impressed. She was in her low 20s and had the sweetest sexiest body you could ever imagine.

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When we first met I was immediately taken upstairs to her room. She was wearing open toed shoes and I was watching her feet as I followed behind her. When we got to her room I took off my shirt and lied on her bed. This was my first real foot fetish experience I ever had and I was extremely nervous at the time.

After talking for a few minutes to break into a more comfortable level with my goddess, she finally raised her foot over my chest as I lied on my back. She was sitting off to the side of the bed and asked me to remove her shoe. She then began to rub her bare foot on my face as I proceeded to lick soles. She then kicked up her other foot and had me remove that shoe as well. With both shoes now off, the night was ready to start.

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We made it clear before the session that I was looking for foot worship and trampling, and boy, she gave me everything I expected. I was in heaven. I proceeded to devour her beautiful feet, sucking on one, two, three and all toes at one time. I licked her arches up and down and nibbled on the ball of her foot. This whole time I had a raging boner in which she was sitting on, crushing beneath her sweet ass.

There were times when she would lift herself in such a way where most of her body weight was being pressed by her feet, which in effect pressed my face deep into the pillow. She would then pop back down and land back on my boner. This continued until she accidentally hit my nut on the way down. She then proceeded to lightly trample me. She stepped gently onto my chest which hurts like hell, even tho she was very light and trodded in place. She would walk very gently up and down my body, stepping near my boner but not directly on it. She would sometimes tease me by grazing her foot over my penis with a True foot worship stories smile on her face.

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After a few minutes of teasing, she asked me to lie on the floor to trample me more. I did what I was told and even removed my pants, leaving me in only my boxers. While I was on the floor she first sat on the bed and started to rub her feet on my face.

In the meanwhile, I was licking her feet from toe to sole. They tasted absolutely lovely. She then stepped over my body and stood on my chest. She moved up to step full weight on my face and later moved down to step full weight on my crotch.

She trampled my crotch unmercifully. I remember looking down to see what was going on and all I saw was my penis wobble around under her weight. She would occasionally move back up my chest, put a foot in my face, but would then turn around and stomp my groin when I went to lick. When I say stomp my groin, I refer to stomp that has enough force to startle me but not enough to do any damage.

After trampling me on the floor, she asked what else I wanted. I told her we should go back on the bed for more penis trampling… and so we went. Back on the bed, this time was a better experience. I was still in my boxers, and she was still stepping full weight onto my member. She would lean on the wall, walk in place, and stare into my eyes watching my reactions. There were times where I had to ask her to stop for a second from the pain but had her return to position 20 seconds later. Though my groin was starting to ache, I was in heaven.

She would also step sideways, with my penis under the arch of both her feet and would gently bounce in place. She would also step parallel to my penis directly on it, with toes facing True foot worship stories my upper body, and bounced until pure ecstasy was written all over my face. With time running short I asked her if it was ok for me to remove my boxers and continue the penis trampling. She said it was ok and I was eager to finally pull out my sore yet raging boner. She stepped first onto my chest and took small steps down to my crotch.

I lifted my head a little so I could get a good view. She then planted one foot directly on my penis and lifted the other in the air, repositioning herself to look towards me. With one foot still crushing my penis, the other finally came down to my nose for a smell.

Oh, what a sight that was, seeing my penis completely flattened underneath those beautiful feet. After a few more minutes of trampling, she stepped off and told me the sad words that time was up. As I sit here a few days after this session, I can still feel the True foot worship stories on my chest and crotch. I even had to be cautious when pissing cause it was just that sore. WOW did that take me back, while I never hired a foot goddess or a dom. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Next Next post: The worst high heel trampling.

True foot worship stories

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Finally, My first worship!(NF)