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She hates that feeling - her nakedness exposed: below her waist, every inch of her lower body laid bare. Not only is every intimate fold of her visible, but she knows her legs must be ungraciously spread to reveal the clammy, wet, throbbing hole. Being instructed to scrub the hole clean is enough to start her selfish wetness; preparing to be used arouses her like the desperate, worthless, needy slave she is.

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Once she is in service, she even needs permission to Tumblr mature sex stories the bathroom as the hole is mine and she cannot simply decide to use it; even wiping is construed as touching unless permission is granted. It is the command for her to hurt the hole herself that is truly degrading, but she is a good girl and does as she is told.

Even when the vacuum pressure of the suction cup over the soft pliant flesh is too intense, she will squeeze the bulb once more if I tell her too. She is helpless, exposed and vulnerable. The swollen hole only inches from my fingers can be easily forced open, but I enjoy her expectation of torment - the anticipation of discomfort and pain. It torments her more when I lazily and disinterestedly stroke different parts of her exposed flesh; fingertip contact can be anywhere or nowhere until I decide when I want more fun.

Her desperation increases. She knows the pain that will flood from the hole to her brain when the suction cup releases its grip on her delicate flesh, but the masochist inside her is longing for my touch, my torment, the opening of the swollen, sore, throbbing cunt. The first touch after the cup is removed is glorious in all its burning torment and all she can think of is her need for me to force fingers into the painfully throbbing mess - one, two three fingers, driving inside her. The swelling makes the dirty hole close shut so I have to force my way in; her dripping wetness is never enough to make it easy.

She hates that feeling, her nakedness, the degrading acts of self-preparation, how she acknowledges she must accept anything I need to do to any part of her body, following any immoral command without consideration for her own choices. When she thinks of being used it makes her cunt pulse. Offering so many ways for me to use her - most mean discomfort but, she is so driven to satisfy my needs to use her and enjoy the holes I owns she will suffer any degrading act to please me.

She desperately hopes I will fuck her and that I will choose her aching cunt, but when I am in the mood to fully use her, I need to fuck every hole I own. If she is a good girl, I will give her permission to cum when I use the last part of her - if she pleases me, if she earns it, if she needs it. Not too long ago, a young man moved into the flat next door. He seemed kind enough. It was so distracting, especially Tumblr mature sex stories her sounds would make me so hot and bothered every time. But hearing the noises she would make would drive me crazy.

I even caught myself pinching my nipples or rubbing my mound through my clothes on some occasions. Keep reading. But nothing can compare to the excitement that we both felt not too long ago. A friend of mine once told me that I need to take control and tell her what to do. It was a normal enough Saturday, nothing too special about it, went to the farmers market and out running around. Once we got home though, it was a completely different story. I had already prepared something for when we got home, I laid an outfit for her on the bed as she was getting ready to go this morning.

On the bed for when she came home was a note and a package. The package contained a red lace and satin teddy, a matching soft silk robe. And a pair of wrist cuffs. I could tell she was a little excited by the fact that she had a present waiting for her. I hoped that the excitement would build once she opened the package, I know the excitement was already building in me as the thoughts were already starting to have an effect down below. I tried to resist the urge to run into the bedroom, nope, I was going to be all business. I walked in and saw her, she was dressed up in the outfit I bought for her.

She looked incredible, the red contrasted her somewhat pale skin, the cuffs, still laid on the bed. She held her hands out in front of her so that I could put the wrist cuffs on her. As soon as I had her hands secured, I led her to the bed and instructed her to sit down.

She did as she was told and sat down in the end of the bed. She looked up at me for her next instruction like a good girl. I commanded that she unbuckled my belt and unzip my pants. Again, she did as she was told. Inside I was thoroughly enjoying this new dynamic.

She bent forward and I could feel her hot breath over my erection. I felt her mouth open around my underwear and could barely contain myself. I really wanted her to take control, pull my underwear aside and insert me into her hot mouth. Everything I commanded, she did, no hesitation. I thought, I can get used to this. She sat at the end of the bed waiting for her next instruction. Her hands still wearing the cuffs, but the were not attached to Tumblr mature sex stories other.

I told her, grab my hips and slowly drop my underwear to my knees. As she did my erection hit her in the face. Her mouth surrounded just the head, she softly sucked and it was driving me crazy. She continued her soft sucking but I felt her tongue slide up and down the little hole at the very tip. Wow, what a feeling. My hands rested on her head as she pleasured the tip of my hardness. Her hands pulled my butt towards her, and I had to slap her hands. I held her head and slowly slid my erection as far into her mouth as I could.

Her hands grabbed and pulled at my cheeks, guiding me down her throat. I held her head firmly with me buried down her throat. I let her go long enough for her to get her breath, then I was sliding back down her throat. Over and over inserted myself deep. Her hands groped my butt whenever she was running short of breath, a few seconds later I would release her.

The more I slid down her throat, the harder I became. I released her head and told her to get on the bed. She did what she was told and slid up and laid back down on her back. My eyes scanned all the way up her bare legs until I got to her center. I could see her lips Tumblr mature sex stories the fabric, they were glistening with excitement and I had to have a taste. I slid my underwear off the rest of the way and ed her on the bed. My hands slowly traced from her ankles to her knees, gently caressing as they went above the knees moving up to her inner thighs, and all the way to the thin, wet fabric between her legs.

My fingers stroked up and down her seam through the fabric.

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She took a deep breath in and her hands grabbed for my hands, I caught her and re-connected the wrist cuffs around the bed post. Now she was going to stay put, no escape, she is completely at my mercy. I slid my hands back up her legs, starting at her ankles and moving slower this time.

Dragging things out on purpose, torturing her slowly. I knew she wanted my mouth and tongue, but she is going to wait, until I am ready to lick, kiss, suck, bite and whatever I want to do to her. I made sure she watched as I licked my lips, before bending down between her legs.

I made sure she felt my breath between her legs, blowing gently on the top of her inner thighs, before planting a kiss on the thin fabric covering her opening. It was a slow, agonizing kiss for her, but I could taste her through the wet fabric. She took a deep breath in and I knew that she approved of what I was doing.

I licked and slid my tongue deeper inside. I watched Tumblr mature sex stories her breath quickened and deepened depending on what my tongue did. I did not want her to finish just yet, just come close, so my tongue and my fingers ed forces and brought her right to the edge and then I stopped. She moaned her displeasure with my tactics, but I did not care, I was going to use her body. The reason I bought this particular teddy, is that it ties in front, so as soon as I untied it, her entire chest was now exposed to me.

I unhooked her wrist cuffs and sat her up on the bed. I kissed her breast everywhere but her nipples, I avoided them until I softly blew on each one. She inhaled sharply Tumblr mature sex stories I slipped my mouth around each nipple and sucked gently. Nibbling on the nub until she cried out in pain. Then I moved to the other one and repeated the process. I moved up and put my erection between her breasts. She held them tightly together as I slide between them. Her tongue and mouth wrapping around me on every up stroke.

Coating my member in saliva, I moved easier between her lucious breasts. I continued making love to her chest as the feeling of them wrapped around me was making me harder. A couple of times, I held myself in her mouth so she can play a little before I slid back down between her chest.

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The harder I got, the more she licked and sucked on me. I let her rest for a second before I gave her next command, in fact, I think I needed the rest more than she did. We were both near the brink and stopped. Now it was time to get to it, and make her explode. I connected the cuffs again and she was holding her legs high in the air.

I then pushed her on her side and I got behind her. Gently nudging at her entrance with my hardness, she begged me to push it in. I continued to slide back and forth until my erection was as wet with her juices as she was. Then I pushed it in, just the head, that is all she was getting for now. I moved back and forth, just dipping my head in and then taking Tumblr mature sex stories out again. She moaned, partially because of excitement, part disappointment and frustration.

I started pushing in further and further and faster and faster until I was all of the way inside of her. My pelvis was slapping her ass as I drove as deep inside of her as I could. She moaned louder and louder as she was really getting close to going over the edge again. I was almost there as well, so I stopped, buried deep inside of her. She tried to move so that she could go over the edge, but I held firmly inside of her. Multiple times, she was on the verge and I would not let her finish.

I was being cruel in her eyes, but every nerve endings in her body was on the surface and excited. I unhooked her cuffs and I laid on the bed, pulling her on top of me. She was excited, now she can control the speed, the depth and most importantly, when she finishes. As she dropped herself on me, my erection deep inside of her, she ground her hips against me.

I reached up and grabbed her breasts, pinching the nipples as her head fell forward, and she was about there. My hand went up further and wrapped around her neck. I squeezed gently at first and I could feel the moan struggle to get out from under my grip. She went Into overdrive, bouncing and grinding on my hard tool.

Tumblr mature sex stories

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