Unicorn transformation stories

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This topic is about Unicorns! Comments Showing of 26 26 new post a comment ยป. Oct 05, AM. I think this was a short story, possible a novella. Setting is a non-specific but fairly drab-n-boring society. The man who is the main character notices a bump on his forehead one morning.

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Through the story the bump gets larger and he starts to feel strange -- doesn't want to go to work, feels the urge to wander outside, etc. He continues to check the watch thing and it continues to say YOU ARE OK, though he's pretty dubious that he really is OK -- although in another sense he's never felt better in his life. At some point the man meets a young woman who's having the same experience.

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The proverbial "men in white coats" Unicorn transformation stories up for him but by this time he is mostly transformed and has a lovely long horn and sharp hooves, so he smashes up the house with his horn and escapes. I thought it was Thurber's "The Unicorn in the Garden" but that's not it. Anyway, hoping this is familiar to somebody else. Oct 05, PM. I've read it, but it's been years ago. I thought he changed into a deer, but that may simply be my bad memory.

He finally forces her to look at him and she freaks out. Of course I don't remember the story name, author or where I read it. Maybe this will help jog someone elses memory. She's totally in denial about what's happening to him. Oct 09, PM. Nov 03, PM. This sounds familiar to me, but like everyone else I have only vague recollections.

If I read it, it would likely have been sometime in the 90's, do you have any idea of a publication date? Unfortunately not.

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I'm pretty sure I read it in the last years, but since I frequent second-hand bookstores that's no guarantee of publication date. In addition, if it were in an anthology, the original publication date could have been as far back as the s.

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It is now bugging me! On instinct I would say not written earlier than the 80's as I have rarely read anything before that other than pure SF. I could be entirely wrong however. Hope you find the answer. I remember reading this anthology Unicorns! Does anyone happen to have a copy they can look at? I think I read this in an anthology called Continuum, edited by Roger Elwood; there were 4 books in the series.

They are available on Amazon. Nov 04, AM. Continuum 1 for the click. One of the reviews says "This is the first of a 4 book anthology series, where the series concept Unicorn transformation stories to have a set of four stories from each author, one per volume, which can each be read as individual stand-alone stories, but which together make up a story arc. Argh, this is starting to really bug me I thought this would be an easy one lol. I think you've got it.

Not that many people can read, or that anyone uses the library. He can't understand why the new nub of horn on his forehead doesn't register as anything odd on his biomitter, or why nobody seems surprised by his other gradual changes.

Probably a story from the Otherwere: Stories of Transformation collection? Nov 04, PM. Team work works! Let's shelve Unicorns! Nov 05, PM. The actual story starts at about 34 minutes in.

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Nov 09, Unicorn transformation stories. Oct 19, AM. I read this in a collection of short stories back in the mid 80's. I don't remember the other stories in the collection or the title of the book. Oct 19, PM. David wrote: "I read this in a collection of short stories back in the mid 80's. It was Unicorns! If you're posting about a different book, you'll want to post it as a new topic. Add a reference: Book Author.

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The transformation of the Unicorn: What happened to the real magic?