Venus 2000 stories

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Part 1 I have been a happily married man for over 20 years.

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My wife is a great woman and has always been there for me. Over the years our sex life has dwindled, not for the lack of wanting, more for the lack of time and energy. As I have gotten older my passion for sex has not died, just been put on hold. I recently started to visit newsgroups on the net to get ideas Venus 2000 stories how to spice things up. I have always been a little kinky and a little submissive, but my wife has never really gotten into it. That was until the other night. A few weeks earlier I had received a nice bonus from work and decided to use the money for some new toys for us to try.

I had found a site on-line with 2 toys that really grabbed my interest, the Sybian and Venus I ordered movies on the Sybian and was amazed!!! I had to buy one and so I did. I also bought the Venus for me, hoping my wife would want to try them out. I started making dinner and when she arrived home Venus 2000 stories had her favorite drink Creamsicle waiting for her. I told her that dinner would be a while and suggested that she go take a hot bath and relax. While she was soaking I refilled her drink and got dinner ready. We had dinner and I told her to go relax and I Venus 2000 stories clean up.

I refreshed her drink and continued with my chores. Once I was done with the cleanup I excused myself and went into the bedroom to prepare things. I took a quick shower and then pulled out our new toys. I put a video in the VCR and then went into the living room to get my wife. As I walked in I could tell the drinks had relaxed her. I walked up to her and gave her a soft kiss on lips and then knelt down before her. I started to massage her feet and worked my way up hers legs until I reached her now very wet pussy.

She was purring softly as I slowly massaged her legs and when I reached her pussy she groaned softly. I knew she was enjoying herself. I slowly lifted her nightie so I had open access to her pussy. I returned to her feet and started to kiss them and suck on her toes.

This started her wiggling and moaning even more. I worked my way up her legs caressing her inner thighs with my fingers as my lips and tongue followed. When I finally reached her pussy she was moaning loudly and she put her hands on my head and guided my mouth to her wet gash. I was amazed at how wet she was. I dove right in and started lapping at her pussy, drinking the wonderful juices that were seeping out. I made sure to avoid her clit for the longest time.

By now she was squirming trying to get my tongue on her clit. Finally, she begged me to suck on her clit. I slowly flicked my tongue on her clit and she nearly jumped out of her seat. I then started to suck her clit into her my mouth and nibbled on it. She was going crazy and I could tell she was ready to cum. I slid first one finger in and then a second and started fucking her pussy with my fingers as I nibbled on her clit. In just a few moments she came as hard as I have ever seen her cum. She was panting and wiggling and pushing my head into her pussy like never before.

I continued on for another few minutes and then let her cool down a bit. After she had regained some of her senses, I led her into the bedroom and introduced her to her new toy. We sat down next to her new toy and went over the instructions and shook her head over and over.

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I know she was a little reluctant to try it, so I turned on the movie I had put in the VCR and we watched for a few minutes. I asked her if she wanted to give it a try and she jumped at it. We plugged in the machine and she chose the nubby adapter to start with.

I broke out the lube and applied a generous portion to the adapter and had her climb on. Well, I picked up the controls and turned on the Sybian vibration at a very low pace and my wife immediately started to moan. I asked her how it felt and she told me that it was tickling her clit. Slowly I began to increase the speed and she started to moan. I then turned on the rotating control and to my amazement she started to purr like a kitten. Again I turned up the controls and my wife started to coo and squirm.

When I got the vibrator up to about Venus 2000 stories she went nuts. She started thrashing Venus 2000 stories head and rubbing her clit all over the adapter. In about a minute or two she was cumming all over the place and for the first time in her life she actually squirted cum. I almost blew my load just watching her. I turned up the controls a little more and she exploded into another earth shattering orgasm.

Wow was it hot; she was gurgling senselessly and thrashing around for al she was worth. After about another 5 minutes of this she came again and I could tell she was hooked. This went on for about a half an hour and I swear she must have cum 8 or 10 times. Sweat was pouring of her body and her eyes were rolling in the back of her head. Finally, I slowed the controls down and she came back to the real world.

She grabbed me and hugged me tightly while telling me how much she loved her new toy. It was then that she noticed the Venus Part 2 When she got a look at the V her eyes lit up. You see, she realized that it was a machine deed for Men. I could tell right away that she had evil thoughts in her head. I have always enjoyed being tied up by me wife and teased relentlessly. But she could never let me go on too long because she enjoyed watching me shoot my load. She asked me how the machine worked and I told her that basically it was used to masturbate a man about the same way the Sybian would masturbate a woman.

We hooked up the air hose to the machine and the receiver I Had measured and cut a piece of the liner to fit. My wife then asked me to show her the controls and how they worked. I had bought the remote controlled version so she could move around if she wanted to.

She then suggested that I get up on the bed and get comfortable.

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I climbed up and lay in the middle of the bed with a couple of pillows under my head and waited. She broke out the lube and applied some to my already hard cock. She worked it in a little to tease me and the slid the receiver over my dick. Then she picked up the controls and turned it on. Slowly the receiver started stroking up and down my hard shaft sending great pleasure through my entire body.

Venus 2000 stories

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