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Tangled was an instant hit, and has since inspired children all over the world to grow out their hair so they can be like their idol. One woman, who is now 26 years old, was inspired by Rapunzel way before Tangled, and has been growing out her hair since she was. She now considers herself the real-life Rapunzel.

While it is certainly impressive, living life with such long hair has its fair share of challenges, from neck pain to difficult hair care. As you probably have already guessed, taking care of her Very long hair stories locks is not easy, and requires a large amount of both money and time in order to keep her hair free of split ends, shiny, and voluminous.

Just to brush her hair alone takes a full hour, and to air dry it can take a whole day! Since the internet has caught view of her insanely long mane, she has gone viral and is somewhat of an online celebrity. Her social media sites have thousands of followers, with admirers leaving her messages of support, love, and jealousy on a daily basis. Multiple people have begged Aliia to cut her hair, and claim that she would look much better with a shorter hairdo.

Aliia, however, refuses to give in to the negative attention, and insists that she will never cut off her luscious long locks. Most of us recall hearing the story of Rapunzel — the woman whose long hair helped her knight in shining armor rescue her from a lonely tower — when we were children. While it is a lovely story, the thought of having such long hair seems unrealistic. However, one fan of the fairy tale, decided to make the story a reality and has dedicated her life towards becoming the real-life Rapunzel. The year-old Aliia Nasyrova, who is originally from Russia and now living in Latvia, has been growing her hair out for 20 years.

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Her brown locks are now to the floor, and then some, measuring at 7 and a half feet long. Aliia says that her impressive hair weighs around 4 and a half pounds, the same as her pet cat. Although Aliia is proud of her locks, she admits that taking care of it comes with its fair share of challenges. First of all, her heavy head of hair creates some physical problems, including some intense neck strain. It takes Aliia a full hour to brush and an entire day to air dry her hair.

He is supportive of his her choice to grow out her hair, and even makes sure to leave a whole lot of space in their bed for her lengthy braid which takes up nearly half of the bed. Sometimes I ask it to move a bit. Aliia does cut her hair, but she insists on doing it herself, and trims only the bottom in order to prevent split ends. She has to trim her hair once a month, to keep it looking healthy.

Aliia said that she decided to grow out her hair because she was inspired by female characters from fairy tales, especially Rapunzel, whose long hair helped her true love get to her and help her escape the evil witch. And I was always attracted by long hair heroines from fairy tales.

Now that she is an adult, and her hair is the longest it has ever been, she does have to be careful to avoid any potential injuries such as tripping. And outside I never go out with flowing hair. When Aliia is out of the house, people tend to notice her unusually long hair, and she gets many stares.

Strangers will Very long hair stories stop her on the streets, and tell her how beautiful her hair is. Aliaa is never embarrassed of showing off her lengthy mane, and is quite proud of it. Aliia has accumulated quite the online following. She frequently updates her Instagram, which has over 78 thousand followers, with photos and videos of her brown locks.

In many of the short clips that she posts, she lets her hair down and moves it around set to background music. She also posts videos of how she takes care of her hair, and shares some of her most unique hairstyles. Aliia and her long locks get a whole lot of online attention, with thousands of likes and comments of admiration and support. The quantity of hair product required to cover her whole head of hair is huge, so she goes through each bottle very quickly. For the most part, Aliia is extremely careful about protecting her precious locks, and is always very precautious in order to avoid damage.

For Aliia, growing her hair out is not about making some world record or getting attention, it is purely for her Very long hair stories happiness.

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She feels beautiful and confident with her long hair, and feels like a true princess out of her favorite fairy tales. Xie has been growing her hair out sincefrom the age of Another woman who has gone viral for her long hair is year-old Russian Anastasia Sidorov.

Anastasia was actually diagnosed with alopecia, a condition that causes your hair to fall out, when she was only 18 years old. Luckily, with the help of a specialist, she was treated and now has gorgeous flowing red locks that measure at 3 and a half feet long. She is not planning on cutting it shorter anytime soon.

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Anastasia is now a model, and has appeared in several Pantene shampoo advertisements in Russia. She also frequently shares tips with her many online admirers, and has thousand followers on her Instagram. Some of her tips include: using a shampoo with sulfates, applying a keratin mask after every wash, and allowing your hair to dry at least 60 percent before blow drying it. Andrea Colson is also known for her long strawberry blonde hair, that she has been growing for years and refuses to cut apart from her bangs.

The Christian missionary from Micronesia has long thick 5-feet-long locks. The trick that she lives by is simple- peanut butter. She insists that eating a spoonful of peanut butter a day helps keep her hair looking healthy, strong and long! Another woman who considers herself the real-life Rapunzel is Malgorzata Kulczyk from London. The year-old has been growing her hair for years and it now goes down to her ankles. Her hair is so long, that she often wraps it around herself and wears it like a dress! She, like Aliia and Anastasia, spends a lot of time taking care of her long hair in order to keep it looking clean and healthy.

She Very long hair stories a hair mask that she makes by herself at home, which is made of several ingredients but is mainly coconut oil. Your hair is so very very beautiful! So what do the professionals say about the best way to grow your hair? Celebrity hairstylist Michael Deunas insists on following these tips: 1. Get Very long hair stories trims every six to eight weeks. Brush your hair a few times a day in order to distribute natural oil in your hair.

Eat foods with high protein such as fish, beans, and nuts. And 5. Avoid hair straighteners and blow dryers, which both cause breakage and damage to the hair. With the world filled with Rapunzels, it seems like long hair is certainly making a comeback. Aliia, and her fellow real-life Rapunzels, continue to constantly inspire their many fans, especially young girls, to start growing their hair out in hopes to one day be a real-life fairy tale princess. Aliia is proud of her long locks, and encourages others who are growing out their hair to wear it in pride, and to pay no attention to the bullies and their negative remarks.

That is until the terrible twos come along. Sure, many parents People have been telling and listening to fairy tales for many many years. In fact, the first fairy tales date back as far as the 17th century. The short stories filled with magic, beautiful princesses, knights in shining armor, and evil stepmothers, are still told today. Many of them have been made into some of the most memorable Disney films of all time. Real Rapunzel. Impressive locks. Some challenges. Supportive husband. Treat with respect.

Scheduling issues. Haircare routine. Avoiding mishaps. Getting attention. Friends and family. Negative attention. Cost of long hair. Traumatic experience. No need to break records. Overcoming hair loss. Hair expert. Unusual tip.

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Hair like a gown. The Queen. Professional advice. Confidence and pride.

Very long hair stories

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