Wearing diapers on a road trip story

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Once upon a time. A good word asking for a smooth ride free of diaper blow outs and car sickness. This past weekend I had the opportunity to take a wee trip with my oldest, just the two of us, on an over night adventure of sorts, as she had a volleyball tournament out of town. You know that moment, when you look at your baby and are dazed and amazed at the intelligent, witty and fabulous person she has become?

Yeah, that happened. Due to stressful circumstances beyond my control, we were not able to leave until closer to 6pm. When we did finally make our exit it was with a quickly packed bag, a rushed feeling and a heavy heart. Not the way I wanted to start this adventure. We left as the winds picked up and the snow started coming down. Fabulous insert sarcastic font.

I am a confident driver. The wind, the snow and then running over the already dead and squished possum did not make my ride anymore enjoyable. What did turn my trip around, my girl. She chatted, she joked, she complained…. We snacked and we laughed. She played navigator when my GPS punked out and tried to get us good and lost. She appreciated my stories and perhaps even thought I was funny?

A huge step in the Mama- Daughter relationship. We parked, we ran, we tripped and giggled, we beat that Hockey Team to the check in counter. We declared ourselves the winner of that leg of the Amazing Race. No wrong turns, fastest rest stop ever, and beating Hockey Players in Canada? Sounds like a great time. I love taking my kids 1 on 1, you can learn so much from them.

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I wish I had more time to do things with them. Awesome post about an awesome daughter from an obviously awesome mom. So loved those days with my kids and yes, it just gets better as they get older!! I do NOT miss the diaper days and traveling with tots! And now?

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They help drive!! Still Time For Shopping! Paris In The Spring? Comments Sounds like a very worthwhile getaway with your daughter…and yes she is blog worthy! Glad you made it in front of the hockey team…whew!

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And, totally blog worthy:. So glad you enjoyed your time with her and happy that you arrived safely. She is so beautiful! Oh, I love this post so much. And I miss you!

Wearing diapers on a road trip story

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