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YES, these wedgies are not just made for movies, Wedgie stories school can happen in real life as well! Many people don't realize that these crazy things happen and they happen so rarely that people want to know about them maybe? I'm not sure. TL;DR : I got two HUGE wedgies in high school, one was a hanging wedgie my freshman year and the other was an atomic yes over my head my sophomore year. First you need to know that I've worn briefs all of my life and still wear them to this day because to me they are by far the most comfortable underwear.

Contrary to the movies, guys in my school aren't actually jerks about what kind of underwear you wear, however the briefs definitely did not help with the inevitable wedgie. So here are my stories. The first one takes place freshman year, I took gym class like every other freshman at my school has to. One Friday after an intense game of dodgeball I was in the locker room changing with everyone else. Typically the locker is pretty quiet, guys just change and then move on to their next class, however on this day everyone was riled up about the game of dodgeball that we had just played.

I, being the stupid and arrogant freshman that I was, piped up and made a comment about one of the guys on the other team, Drew. Most of the guys laughed it off, however the hyped up environment of the whole room led to a much greater retaliation from Drew and the other team. I laughed at my own comment as did most of the guys in the locker room but Drew seemed to be pumped up from the game still and wanted to continue this gym class rivalry. He quickly called out to the guys who were on his team something to the effect of "Hey, what do you guys say we teach this kid a lesson?

Before I knew it he and some of his team were advancing at me but no one made any moves. Then, Wedgie stories school out of the crowd, someone yelled those fateful words "Give him a wedgie!

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The wedgie itself was horribly painful, but what was worse was all of the people laughing at me. My briefs actually ripped at the waistband so my pain was short-lived and the guys helped me down and we all laughed about it afterwards. I don't think they were trying to be malicious, we were all just caught up in the moment and my Wedgie stories school ended up taking the fall for it. Luckily, this story is much more brief than the first, yet no less painful. As a sophomore one of the things my friends and I typically did on the weekends was have a bonfire, hang out, eat food, and play stupid games just because we could.

One night we decided to play a classic party game, truth or dare. It was a great time going around the circle doing and saying stupid crap because we were young and just wanted to have fun. It came around to me and as most guys know, when playing truth or dare, guys are almost expected to always pick dare.

So that's exactly what I did. What I didn't know was that it would lead to a second giant wedgie of my life. A few of my friends quickly started whispering about what dare they should give me, they wanted it to be something good because some of their dares had been pretty brutal. Finally they had their dare, one of my friends stood up and said "I dare you to get an atomic wedgie. So I begrudgingly stood up and told them to come and get it.

I turned around, shorts sagging, waistband of my briefs hanging out and waited for fate to run its course. I heard my friends count down as they all gripped my waist band " All I could feel was my briefs trying to slice me in half and I quickly regretted picking dare. My friends kept tugging and bouncing me because a true atomic wedgie is in fact over the head.

When my briefs were almost to my neck and I thought I was going to die I heard the sweet sound of fabric tearing and my waistband was yanked up over my head. Wedgie stories school had never been so happy to have my underwear torn.

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The wedgie was over and yet again it had sucked, but it was all in good fun so I wasn't too angry. I don't know if anyone has any questions but I figured people don't hear true stories about extreme wedgies like these that often so I thought I'd share. Oh my God I misread the title and thought you were a victim of a hanging Sorry about that, hope you found joy in reading about my pain after I misled you haha. Not really no, they were really just funny prank that I happened to be the victim of.

Wedgie stories school you go to high school in the early 90s? Sounds brutal, but you seem very humorous about it. I was actually in high school in the early s, yeah I know they're not that common anymore but that's why I wanted to share because these stories are so rare!

Oh shit I thought you actually survived being hanged for a second. Only 2? I was lifted off the ground due to a devastating wedgie at least 50 times during high school and at least a dozen hanging wedgies. Mine were by far more in a bullying manner but still all in a pretty light hearted way. Dang man, sorry to hear that. Do you feel like you were bullied? Those stories sound hilarious. Did you participate in giving anyone else epic wedgies? Were high level wedgies at all common in your school? I've heard tell of these majestic beasts but never seen them performed outside of fiction.

In regards to wedgies no I was definitely not bullied, they were just pranks by my friends. Yeah they were pretty hilarious at the time too. They weren't all that common, but it wasn't unheard of for some kid to get his underwear yanked up in the hallway or locker room obviously haha. Oh good sir I can attest that they do exist, and I'm sure if browse the internet you will find many haha. Edit: whoops missed a question! I've given a few good wedgies in my time, but most paled in comparison to the two I received.

However one that did stand out was in high school when a buddy of mine was asleep we tied a rope to his boxers and yanked on it to wake him up. To our surprise his boxers ripped entire off of his body, whoops. I once stumbled upon a website called getdare. Sometimes I read it when I want to feel better about myself, or just want some strange entertainment. Searching "wedgie" on the website should lead you to some interesting posts. How do you feel knowing that there are communities of people that make wedgies a central part of their life?

Would you Wedgie stories school consider intentionally receiving a wedgie? Never heard of getdare but it sounds like some sort of dare website? I guess it would make sense that there are wedgie related dares considering that one of mine came from a game of truth or dare.

I suppose different people like different things, I personally have experienced extreme wedgies and am not a fan, but if other people are then good for them I suppose. Not something you think about every day. Like asking someone to give me a wedgie? Hm, maybe but just a regular one. I don't Wedgie stories school that wedgies between friends are really all that painful, just a way of joking around and getting on each others' nerves. Found the internet! I was a victim of both a hanging and an atomic wedgie in high school, not stories you hear every day.

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Yeah, this. Not alone, bud. Yeah I guess it didn't really turn out that way Continue this thread. Do you feel like these wedgies effected your sexuality. Oh good sir I can attest that they do exist, and I'm sure if browse the internet you will find many haha Edit: whoops missed a question! More posts from the casualiama community.

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Wedgie stories school

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