Wet bed story

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Teenage bedwetting can be especially distressing. One mum shared her story with us. Disruptions to routine like going on holiday nearly always brought on an episode, and we got used to bringing our own sleeping bag and waterproof sheets whenever we went away. But even a row before bedtime could be enough to bring it on.

We learned to try to keep things as calm as possible before bed!

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But when he realised that other kids were no longer wearing protection at night, he was more reluctant and became much more self-conscious and embarrassed about the whole thing. The specialist nurse was very helpful and started by looking at things like how much he was drinking during the day. This meant he loaded up on fluids much later in the day. Tackling this by talking to the school and making sure he felt able to visit the loo helped.

Janetta Willis Parenting editor and writer.

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Bedwetting Advice. For every step of your parenting journey. He was a bit late potty training, but nothing we thought was much out of the ordinary. But even after we could rely on him to be dry during the day, he was always prone to wetting the bed. Contributors Janetta Willis Parenting editor and writer. Was this helpful? Janetta Willis.

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Wet bed story

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