Wetting myself stories

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I was home alone and was ready for some sexy fun. I put on white thigh highs, slowly rolling them up my long legs. Next I put on a very tight white blouse, with long sleeves, and a scooped neck.

I was braless, and my nipples looked so inviting through the material that I just had to massage them a bit. I got out my tightest jeans, light blue with zippers at each ankle, I pulled them up over my right leg, then my left. I had to lay back on my bed to zip them up.

They have a 4" heel, and straps around the ankle, very slutty. I needed to pee, but not badly enough yet, so I went to my kitchen. I drank 2 big glasses of ice tea, then went back to my bedroom. I love the way my tight jeans feel against my pussy and my ass. The material of the jeans rubbing against my pussy brought me close to orgasm as I walked into the bedroom.

I laid back on my bed and gently caressed my breasts, getting my nipples very hard. I could feel the pressure on my bladder slowly building as I dreamed about going down on the guy next door. I slid a hand into my crotch, rubbing Wetting myself stories outline of my pussy through my jeans.

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My pussy was hot, and I could feel a little dampness through the denim. I rubbed myself until I almost came, stopping just short of orgasm. I could feel a small wet spot in the crotch of my jeans where my juices had soaked through. I made little circles with my index finger on the wet spot and brought my finger to my face, sniffing my juices before tasting them. I put my hand back between my legs. I raised my knees up and spread them a bit, then slid my fingers back and forth over the denim, almost pushing the material into my wet vagina.

I was close to peeing my pants as I rubbed away at the growing wet spot in my jeans. Once again I stopped as I neared orgasm, fearing I'd wet the bed if I came. I strutted on my sexy red high heeles to the bathroom, enjoying the view of the small wet spot in my crotch. I laughed as I imagined what most of my Wetting myself stories would think of me if they saw me in another 2 minutes. I stepped into the bathtub, unable to hold back my pee any longer. I put my hand over my pussy and watched in the mirror as I let loose a long squirt.

The dark spot in my crotch got bigger and started to gleam as the piss wet my hand. The warm piss felt good in my tight jeans as the wet denim rubbed against my pussy. I forced the denim back against my labia as I started to pee again. This time I pissed long enough for the dark blue stain to expand upward and outward to my thighs.

I felt my hot piss running down the legs of my jeans and I really let loose. A gleaming dark stripe of piss was running down each of my legs. I watched the dark area reach my sandalls and started to squirm as my hot piss collected around my feet.

I imagined my white thigh highs turning to a transparent yellow as I mashed my hand against my pussy through my soaked jeans. Dark trickles of piss were running down my calves as I started to rub my breasts with my dry hand. My nipples were like pencils in my blouse as my hot fluid saturated my jeans. I could see little bubbles of piss squishing out of my shoes as I squatted up and dowm and watched the soaked thighs and knees of my jeans gleaming.

I was close to orgasm when I ran dry. My jeans were soaked! The front was dark blue and warm from just below my belt loops to the top of my boots. One of my calves was solid dark blue, and trickles of pee criss crossed the other. I could feel a bit of warmth on the bottom of my ass as piss crept up the rear of my jeans.

My pussy was so wet, that my jeans would have looked like I had pissed in them a little, if they were still dry. My feet felt submerged in my shoes as I sat down in the tub, with my legs bent. My piss felt good as it soaked into the ass of my jeans. I removed my left foot from my shoe, and looked at the soaked material of my thigh high. I rubbed the piss soalked shoe on my stiff nipple My white blouse went transparent, and I replaced my shoe, feeling how pretty my dainty feel looked wet with my pee!

I removed the other, and rubbed it on my right breast. I was a mess, and I loved it! I started to fondle my breasts through my wet blouse as I slid a hand between my legs. The wet denim felt good as I rubbed my pussy through my jeans. I studied my piss soaked clothing as I rubbed my pussy and played with my breasts. I started to moan slightly as my excitement built. Wetting myself stories thrust my crotch against my hand, fingering my swollen clit through the denim. I lightly pinched my nipples as I kept up the rubbing. My moans grew louder as I got near the edge.

I started rubbing my pussy faster through my glistening jeans. My breathing got very heavy as my juices flowed from my pussy. Closer, closer, "Yessss! My ass was up off the tub floor and I Wetting myself stories blacked out as my vaginal muscles contracted and my toes curled inside my shoes.

I laid quietly in the bathtub, still rubbing my pussy as I caught my breath. My wet clothes were starting to get a little cold, so I decided to warm them up with water.

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I sat up and started the Wetting myself stories, watching it splash over my new red shoes. When it was nice and hot I slid forward, placing the crotch of my jeans directly in the stream. I closed the drain and sighed as the hot water ran through my jeans and over my pussy.

I felt the water slowly rise and soak the ass of my jeans as well as the back of my blouse. I rubbed my pussy through my jeans, water from the faucet splashing all over my belly. My long brunette hair was getting soaked as I rubbed my pussy, water inching up and slowly soaking my clothing. I unzipped my jeans and let the Wetting myself stories water play directly on my pussy. My clit was hard as rock as I worked a finger into my vagina.

I flitted my thumb over my clit as I fucked my pussy with my finger. I had to stop to shut off the water. I rolled around in the tub until I was completely drenched. I stood up for a moment and watched the water flowing off my clothing. The wet material of my blouse stimulated my nipples. I loved the feel of my soaked jeans clinging to my ass. I sat back down in the water and fondled my breasts. I slid down until my ears submerged and I was in my own little world as I stuck two fingers into my pussy. My hand played with my nipples, while my other hand slid in and out of my pussy.

I was very close to cumming as my fingers slid quickly in and out. I moaned softly again, my clit now so sensitive that I had to ease up on my rubbing. The continous feeling of pleasure from my sex organs was almost unbearable as the hot water delayed my orgasm.

I started thrusting my hips out of the water at the deepest penetration of my fingers. I imagined my glistening jeans appearing in and out of the water as the water lapped at my body. My fingers became a rock hard cock in my mind as I came hard. My vagina clamped around my fingers as I came, and my thrashing caused water to flow over my face.

I moaned and moaned as I came.

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It took me a while to recover, and I just relaxed fully clothed in the water. I let the water out and stood up. I looked like a drowned rat, but a very sexy one. My ruined hairdo was plastered to my face, my blouse was almost invisible and stuck to me like a second skin. My jeans were wrinkled and crushed against my legs.

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I stepped out of my heeles and looked at them, putting the heel of one in my mouth, sucking it like a little cock! I undid my jeans and took them off, revealing my glistening thigh highs.

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Reluctantly I removed my blouse. I slowly rolled down my thigh highs, then I dried myself off.

Wetting myself stories

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