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I am Archana aged I have always been one of the most beautiful and intelligent girls in my classes throughout school and college. Though I have received and continue to receive so many proposals I was never interested in any. He worked as hard as he could and built the A empire from scratch. After I was born my dad set up a small company and developed it into a multi-crore empire now and he considers me as his good luck. Now we live in a huge mansion with several maids to work for us and several cars at our disposal. In spite of all this and his busy schedule my dad has always remained the same.

Earlier he used come in Maruti to drop me and pick me from school when i was in kindergarten now he uses a merc instead. He still makes sure he spends the Sunday with me and he himself cooks food for me. I never missed my mom,he has always been there for me as a dad, a mom, and my best friend. It all started a few months ago. I was talking with my friends ram Divya and Priya about dream boys. Divya: I would like to have someone who Wife and daughter sex stories charming well settled and naughty at times as my husband.

Ram: seriously? I need to go to the library. See u all in class. I went to the library but my mind was filled with the conversation I just had with my best friends.

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I always knew this,Divya always was interested in my dad but I hated the way she wanted to make him hers…he shall always be mine, only mine. Days passed but the conversation never went out of my memory.

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How nice would it be if I get a husband like my dad? How nice would it be if I get my dad as my husband?

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I shall be his forever. I would love to serve him.

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He spent all his youth as a widower taking care of me now it is time for me to take care of him. But will he marry me? Is it ok for me to marry my dad, my love? I started spending my days thinking about my dad. I spent sleepless nights waiting to be wakened by him from my sleep by him. I wished the good night kiss moved from my cheeks to lips and I wished they never ended. I loved the warmth I get when he is around me.

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But how am I going to propose him. Will he accept me as his wife? I cant take a no from my man. I should impress my daddy. I should make him happy. I should give him everything he sacrificed for me. Months passed I cant control anymore I badly want him. The day is not too far. I shall gift him myself.

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I am excited. I should start planning for the big day of my life. I bought a transparent saree…yes I finally bought myself a dress I want to surprise my dad. The sleeveless backless blouse perfectly fits and the bright pink color perfectly suits my milky white skin tone.

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The day finally came today I shall wake my dad. I am gonna propose him in the evening once we are back home. I slowly enter his bedroom. I slowly moved his blanket away. Archana: happy birthday daddy I jump over him hugging him and I push him back on the bed Akash: baby what are u doing?

He dropped me in college and left to work. I spent another boring day in college dreaming about the good times I am going to have with my daddy. The evening he picked me from college took me home. We had dinner together and he kissed me said good night and went to his room. I hated the kiss he forgot the gift I promised him.

What is more important to him than me? Nothing can be. He just forgot the gift I promised him. Should I go to him dressed in the saree to convince him to seduce him and make love? Updates follow. By the time I finished writing this part I feel that my writing style is different from most of the stories here. I shall continue further based on the response from readers.

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Wife and daughter sex stories

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