Wife at bachelor party story

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Click the picture above for more details. It all started out so innocently that I just never saw it coming. We had just moved to Marietta, only been on the job two weeks. Several of the guys at the plant wanted to stop for a beer after work, so I went with them. Good chance to get to know my fellow workers, I thought. We had been sitting at the bar joking and talking about girls when the subject of the supervisors impending marriage came up. The guys wanted to do something special for him. A bachelor party. Each of the guys were enthusiastic, and plans were soon being formed. Chuck, a big burly tattooed, ex-biker, said he could arrange decorations.

You scout the tittie bars and price one, try not to spend over three hundred dollars, okay? Later, on the ride home, I realized that my wife, Sherry, would not be happy about me going to a bunch of strip clubs, propositioning girls.

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Regardless of the reason. Sherry and I had been married only six months, She would be real mad.

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Hell, you can go with me to find a dancer! Would that be cool?

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And neither would you, at least that is what I thought. Not if you want to sleep with me ever again! This stupid party could mean the difference between me being accepted by my co-workers or not! I guess she pops out of a cake and dances around the bachelor, or something like that. Wait a minute here! What the Hell are you thinking? We could really use the money, and if All I have to do is dance around in a bikini, then why not? You are the one that keeps insisting that I wear that thong thing you got me. How about it? Have you thought about that? Sure, I had gotten her a thong, she has a great body.

But getting her a thong and wanting my co-workers to ogle her and talk dirty to her was a different animal altogether. It seemed, for the moment at least, that I had to go along with her idea. So I agreed. John told me, that before I made a firm deal with the girl, he wanted to go see her dance, or at least see a video of her act.

I was in a panic, I told him I would tell her and make plans. Be sure to get close ups of her knockers for me. What do you mean? I want to see her tits. You know her boobs. Why did you think we wanted to hire a stripper? Get the camera at Easy Rental, I reserved it for you. On the drive to the rental place I pondered the idea of my wife topless in front of the guys. I did like showing her off at the beach and at the pool. Arriving home, I found my wife very busy hanging a sheet for a backdrop, cueing music for her debut, and looking incredible!

She was wearing the thong. Her ass spilled from the thing! One small strip of material ran up the crack of her ass, only a small patch covered her pussy, which she had obviously shaved nearly bare, and her breast bulged out of the tiny top. I had to admit that she was hot! She is a beautiful girl with large, very large breast, trim waist and a wonderful heart shaped ass.

She looked fine and I knew that John would be suitably impressed. I hooked the camera up and began shooting as she danced around the room. She swayed and strained with the beat putting on quite a show! I could feel my erection start and reached down to re-arrange things. Sherry was doing Wife at bachelor party story I had never seen her do!

She bent over and shook her huge bust at the camera, turned so that her ass filled the viewfinder and spanked herself, causing her flesh to tremble in a very provocative way. When the second song started she boldly reached behind herself and undid her top. With a quick move the top disappeared and her delicious breast swung free. The pink nipples began to harden and she cupped each breast offering it to the camera, and whoever was watching her performance. When she was done, we made love like it was the first time! She had managed to make me hotter in ten minutes in front of the camera then in the few short months of our marriage!

During the lunch break at work, all of us guys gathered in the meeting room and screened the video of Sherry. I had hardly Wife at bachelor party story this type of reaction! These guys were talking as though they expected her to make love to them. I explained to the boys that sex had not been part of the deal I had made.

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They each told me they knew that, but that that part of the deal was always made at the party, and that the girl knew the score, not to worry. I tried to call Sherry, but never got her on the line. We were to take the boss to the local watering hole and then to the motel. Sherry was to be in the cardboard cake in the room, waiting for us to arrive. I was in a panic. She had no idea what was coming, and I had no way to warn her. My heart stayed in my throat as we threw down several rounds of drinks at the bar. Barry, the supervisor and the soon to be groom was in a partially festive mood, anxious to continue the party at the motel.

Our limo driver helped the group into the limo and off we went. Upon entering the room, Barry ran to the cake and began tapping on the side, asking if anyone was home. Sherryof course said nothing. She was to appear only when the music started. More drinks were passed around and finally, two hours into the party, John turned on the stereo and cranked up the volume. The top of the cake few open, balloons cascaded upward to the ceiling. When the balloons cleared, there stood Sherry.

She was breathtaking. Her long blonde hair framing her lovely features. The men began to chant immediately. Take it off! Being a trooper she began to dance about the room, Wife at bachelor party story each down into a sitting position. She told them it was one of her rules. She moved from one guy to the next, dancing for each one. All of the guys tried to touch her legs, breast and ass, but she fended them off easily. Finally John brought Barry to the center of the room, sat him in a chair and told Sherry to dance for the groom. He also told her to make it a real special dance and winked, slipping fifty dollars into her garter.

It would ruin me at the plant. Instead I smiled at her and nodded for her to dance. She smiled back, a nervous, scared smile and began to sway to the music. Dance closer to him, and how bout taking off that top?

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Sherry continued to dance and slowly reached back releasing the clasp on her top. Her breast burst into view amid the whistles and hoots of the guys. Each time she got close to him, he would reach out and grab at her. Finally tired from the constant struggle, and realizing what was expected of her, she let him stroke her ass, legs and finally her tits.

Barry pulled her closer and sucked her left nipple deep into his mouth, gripping her ass with both hands. Suddenly he pulled at the fabric and ripped her bottoms all but off. Sherry nearly panicked, but John stepped in and began to whisper to her. The guys went wild and began yelling off color remarks about her exposed flesh. Barry also went wild, but in a very different way. Gripping her ass with one hand he slipped the other hand over her cunt and shoved two fingers into her.

After the dance, Sherry was told to remain naked, and talk to the guys. Wife at bachelor party story began to feed her drinks, very strong drinks. It seemed that only a few drinks had passed when Sherry began to dance again. This time however; Sherry was much more open and touched herself for the pleasure of the guys.

Soon she was allowing each of the guys to finger her and suck on her breast as she danced about the group. John approached me and told me he had agreed to pay her an extra hundred for taking off the pants, and he thought she would go further if we raised the stakes. Are you game, or are you lame? Probably give a few blow jobs too! Can we count on you? I could see his lips moving as he whispered to her and stroked her right breast.

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Sherry looked over his shoulder at me, and then shook her head yes! As John arranged a mattress on the floor, I slid in next to Sherry and asked her if she really wanted to do this? But what choice do I have? If you had had the balls you would have stopped this earlier. He paid me over six hundred so far and a promise for more if I do good. Got any ideas? Are you drunk? How else do you expect me to get through this? Sherry said, turning and leaving me starring at her ass as she left me. John rushed up to her, giving her another drink. Barry get over here for one last great piece of ass before you tie the knot.

Barry himself, nearly ripped his shirt off, aiding Sherry in her search for his nudity. Sherry tugged his pants till they lay in a pile at his feet. The guys cheering the whole time. She then reached up and slid his shorts to the ground.

Looking up, her breath caught as she saw his large hard cock.

Wife at bachelor party story

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