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Published 17 years ago. We were out at the local pub in our village,November 5th,the fiework display had finished and every one had gone inside again,i was chatting to a mate and Julie my wife was chatting to Dave the pro at the golf club,his wife Jackie is one of her best friends,we were a little way apart and when Dave went to the toilet Julie came across and told me I would enjoy the conversation she was having with Dave,we had known him and his wife a few years and his wife had told Julie he was very well hung one night on a girls night out.

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We had talked for a while about spicing our sex life Wife stretched stories and i had fantasised for a long time about seeing her with another guy,or even knowing she was been serviced by somone else,we had talked about guys in our village who she fancied and Dave was high if not top of the list and he d been used in our bedroom fantasies many times.

Well Dave had been complimenting Julie on how good she was looking,she always dressed with style and this night she had black figure hugging trousers on and a cream blouse that if you looked closely could see her nipples through,well in the conversation and with the help of a few drinks Dave had told Julie he would love to take her to bed,Julie had teased him along and asked him what he would do to her when they got there Thats when he d gone to the loo and she had come across to tell me Dave came back,I got the drinks in and wandered off socialising with the rest of our pals including Jackie,she seemed engrossed in her conversation and didnt notice her husband flirting with my wife I hadnt felt her like that for years,he had got her turned on majorly,they had arranged to meet up on Monday at the local Travellodge and she was telling me she couldnt wait to feel him inside her I had an idea I left it about 20 minutes, watching them from a distance,then went across and told her and Dave that i had a migraine and could he give me a lift home,immeadiately Julie said she would come home with us Dave went to tell Jackie and while he was away she wanted to kiss him and get him hard and see if he was as big as she thought I told her it was fine by me I told her i loved her and i Wife stretched stories she was hornier than i had ever seen her Dave came back I told her to go and kiss him and see what happens,a quick kiss and off she went I got my cock out and started wanking Dave stopped and said something to her Julie straightened herself up and headed towards the door,I met her on the top landing and told her i was watching I also told her i knew what i wanted her to do

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