Wifes first bbc stories

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. My Wifes first bbc stories is Dave and I am 36 years old. Deanna is my wife and she is We have been married for 12 years and have two kids, a 14 year old and a 9 year old. Deanna is 5'1" tall and weighs about lbs. She Wifes first bbc stories shoulder length reddish-brown hair, beautiful 36 C tits and a slim athletic body.

She has always worked out and kept herself in tip-top shape. Many men and women have commented that they cannot believe that she has two children, especially a teenager. I am 6"4" and weigh lbs. We have a great marriage and a wonderful sex life. Here is where things get strange; since I can remember, I have always had a fantasy of watching my wife fuck another man. I have always been hesitant to tell Deanna this, since we have had kids she had become somewhat prudish, or so I thought. Deanna was definitely not a prude; she had an active sex life before we were married; at least that is what she has always told me.

She never gave me details but I know she fucked a few guys before we were married. Plus, she is incredible in bed and that doesn't happen by not fucking. I approached her with my fantasy about a year ago. We had just had an incredible round of sex and I asked her what she thought about me watching her fuck another man.

We had introduced a dildo into our sexual repertoire some years ago and I made the point to get a 9" black dildo, something she was quick to notice and ask me about. I have an average sized dick, about 6 inches, but I have been told that I know how to work it so I have no size problems. Whenever we use the dildo Deanna goes crazy, she cums all over it and has incredible orgasms.

I didn't mention my fantasy again since she was so quick to turn it down the last time I mentioned it, until one day she asked me about it. I get so turned on seeing you turned on that I would love to watch you fuck someone else. Why do you ask?

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We have a great sex life and a wonderful marriage and I would hate to lose that. Are you sure you would be OK with it? I want to make you happy. After Wifes first bbc stories comment I was blown away. Was she serious? I had to ask her if she had someone in mind. Plus, he is very handsome. You know what to do, don't play stupid. You are sexy as hell, all you have to do is tell him you want to have him over one night for dinner and he will fall all over you.

Set something up for this weekend. I will drop the kids off at my sister's. I was at work the next day when Deanna called me. She said that she spoke to Mark, he was cool with swinging and he was up for dinner this Friday night. She also told me that he was very flirtatious after they talked. He tried to kiss her but she pulled away. Mark told her that he couldn't wait to stretch her pussy while I watched. When I got home from work Deanna told me she couldn't wait for Friday and was really looking forward to seeing her first black cock. Fast forward to Friday bight, I had the kids at my sister's and Deanna was getting ready for the evening.

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Mark was coming over at and Deanna was going to look her best. I picked out her clothes, a short black summer dress with a black lace bra and a black thong. Mark showed up aton time, which didn't surprise me, who wouldn't be if my wife was waiting for them. I met him at the door and was immediately impressed. We were the same height but he outweighed my by a good 30 pounds, that 30 pounds was pure muscle.

As we shook hands I couldn't help but notice the size of his hands, twice the size of mine. You have two men here that are turned on by you. Don't be nervous, have a drink and go inside and talk to him. I will be a minute. With that Deanna poured herself a large glass of wine and went into the living room. I could here them chatting, nothing but small talk. I came in and gave Mark his Wifes first bbc stories. I am cool with everything, as long as you aren't bi.

Dinner was wonderful; Deanna and Mark really hit it off. They were very flirtatious and I could tell that Deanna was starting to get a little buzz. She was on cruise control and really enjoying herself. As a matter of fact, she was the one that recommended we head upstairs and get to know each other better.

That was exactly what I wanted to hear; apparently Mark wanted to hear that as well as he was the first one to get up from the table. We all entered our bedroom and Mark asked me if it was OK if he kissed Deanna. I told him that he didn't have to ask me permission; he could do what he wanted as long as Deanna was OK with everything.

I am just going to have a seat and watch. I watched in awe as my wife became something I never thought Wifes first bbc stories would become, a big black cock slut. Mark stepped towards Deanna and gave her a kiss. Deanna was hesitant at first but she embraced Mark and began to passionately kiss him. Like I mentioned earlier, Mark was the same size as me so Deanna was on her tippy toes kissing him He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist as they began to kiss deeper.

Mark moved his hands up around Deanna ass, what a sight it was. I loved seeing his big black hands on her small white ass. Deanna eventually let go of Mark and lowered her legs to the floor and began to talk to Mark. Deanna looked at me and smiled, I smiled back. She slowly lifted Marks shirt over his head and man, he was huge. She began to suck on his nipples and rub her hands all over his torso. Eventually she started to work her way towards his trousers and began to undue them. They dropped to the floor and Mark was left standing in his boxer briefs.

His dick was huge, or at least what I saw through his boxers. Deanna began to rub his cock through his briefs and to my surprise, it was still getting bigger.

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He had to be at least 10 inches. Deanna was amazed as well. With that comment, Mark pushed his boxers down to his feet and stood there in front of Deanna. Mark didn't say a word, he just took his cock in his hand a placed it on Deanna's face. She laughed and then she took it in her hand. It was as thick as it was long; she barely got her hand around his shaft. She licked the head and Mark's cock started to pulse up and down.

Wifes first bbc stories

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