Women wearing diapers stories

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By mistamosJuly 7, in Story and Art Forum. Disclaimer: This story is partly true, and part fiction. I'll let you decide the rest. So let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Don, and I'm a nineteen year old college student. I lead a normal life in almost every way. However, one thing no one knows about me is that I have a diaper fetish. No one knew, that is. So i went down to a local grocery store to buy myself a new pack of diapers, something I do regularly. I go to a grocery store a couple of towns over from me, just to make sure i dont bump into anyone i may know. The adult diapers are housed in a remote area of the store, so I am usually able to get in, buy the diapers, and get out without being seen at all.

However, today when I was about to walk down the isle holding the adult diapers, I saw a woman standing there. She looked to be in about her early thirties, and had long brown hair. Another thing I noticed was that she was extremely attractive.

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The last thing I noticed was that she was holding a pack of Attends adult diapers and seemed to be looking for another pack. Not knowing who the diapers were for, my heart immediately started racing, and I started to scan her jeans for a distinctive line revealing her diapers a line I could not find, as she was wearing loose fitting jeans and a long pink shirt. I started to walk in the isle, but almost immediately she exited on the opposite side. It took me a minute to recover, but I eventually walked down the isle and began deliberating over which brand of diapers I would choose at the time I was wearing a depends pull up As I made Women wearing diapers stories selection and began to leave the isle, I saw the same woman standing there.

We made eye contact for about a second, an then she turned to her right and swiftly walked. And that would be the last of the woman in the diaper isle. Or so I thought Rockies Fan in Diapers 5 posts. Fulldiaper 5 posts. July 7, All I can find in stores are Depends Good start! July 14, All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 3, To say I was flustered by the last two minutes would be an understatement. I had never seen a woman that attractive in all of my years going to that store, nevermind holding a pack of adult diapers! I put the diapers into my cart, which was now full with my other purchases, and made my way to the checkout. I decided a long time ago that despite my fears, the store clerks really didn't care at all about the fact that I was wearing diapers. Today my cashier was a middle aged woman, who didn't think twice about handling and bagging my pack of diapers. After bringing all of my purchases out to my car, I decided to head into the mall that was attached to the grocery store and do a little more shopping.

The whole time I was shopping, I was thinking about the woman in the diaper aisle. We're the diapers for her? Does she wear diapers? We're they for her son or daughter? Did she change their diapers? The prospect of any of these theories being true made me very excited. However, I decided that she was to young to have a kid old enough to need adult diapers.

Therefore, I concluded that the diapers Women wearing diapers stories either for a relative, or they were for her!

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All this thinking about diapers got my bladder running, and I realized I had to pee. I wet the diaper I was wearing while I was in line to buy a new video game, and went to change myself right after I made my purchase I had put some of my new diapers into a drawstring bag I carried around with me. Now let me describe the bathroom in this mall. There are two open doorways, both of which lead to a communal area, part of which can be seen by anyone who happens to be passing by.

This communal area houses a sink, a towel dispenser, a trash can, and a baby changing station go figure. Anyone of either gender who plans on using the bathroom must first pass through this communal area. So as I entered thought the right side, I noticed someone out of the corner of my eye. Someone wearing a pink shirt.

It was her. We made eye contact, for a much longer period of time this time. Then she started walking towards me Great so far, and I remember when Attends could be found on almost every Women wearing diapers stories shelf. I like this story as well, but I agree with a poster that the chapters are a little short. Please do continue though! I turned my full attention to her, not knowing what to say. She continued "sorry, I don't know my way around here very well. Knowing I would have to walk about 50 yards to point her in the correct direction, I said "sure" and had her follow me.

As we walked, we started to exchange the usual small talk; i told her my name, and she told me her's it was Brenda.

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She also explained that she was only at this mall because she was visiting a friend in the area. Then, as if she already knew the answer, Brenda asked me if she had seen me before. This got my hear Women wearing diapers stories, and not knowing what to say, I mumbled an unconvincing "no.

The rest of the walk was pretty quiet. When we got to the main hallway in the mall, and pointed Brenda to her destination. Just as I was about to start walking away, she asked me, almost in a whisper, "is it incontinence? She laughed, then said "sshh, I know it's a fetish, I saw you in the adult diaper aisle earlier, and no one with incontinence would buy diapers that thick.

She then asked me to follow her as she walked towards the west exit. Brenda started off asking questions about me; such as how long I had been wearing diapers, how I felt wearing diapers, so on and so forth. These were all very embarrassing questions, but Brenda was oddly comforting and kind. After this conversation, I asked Brendau about her backstory. This was pretty surprising to me. However, then Brenda explained her reason for talking to me.

She told me that she was single, and always wanted the chance to have a baby.

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Her motherly instincts began to wonder what it would be like. As we reached the exit to the mall, Brenda made her proposition to me. It doesn't have to be permanent, even just for the rest of the day! However, a quick "yes" was all I was able to come up with. She then turned around and walked back the direction we came from, as if she just had an epiphany. We walked all the way back to the bathroom where we had first met and she stopped.

Please continue. I will guess that she wants the entire mothering experiance and our hero is more than willing to cooperate- please continue, this should be really good!!!! I didn't know what to do. As much as I wanted this woman to change my diaper, this was just too much. Noticing my hesitation, Brenda said "look, you said this is almost an hour away from where you live.

No one here will know you. And honestly, we probably won't even be seen it's pretty dead here today. That ended up being all of the encouragement I needed, as I hopped up on the baby changing table and awaited my fate. I didn't realize just how embarrassing this would be until Brenda pulled off my pants, leaving me on the changing table, in a diaper, in plain sight. I was doing my very best to focus only on the ceiling as Brenda executed the change, however I couldn't help but notice at least a few second glances given to us by passerby's.

I know Brenda was talking to me as she removed my wet diaper, cleaned me with some wipes at the table, and taped me into a fresh diaper. But I didn't hear a thing. The fact that I was having my diaper changed in a very public place by such an attractive woman was to exciting, and too embarrassing for me to notice anything else.

After the change was finished, Brenda helped me off of the table and helped me back into my pants. Since I was now wearing a thicker diaper than before, my diaper bulge was much more obvious. Brenda decided she would hold Women wearing diapers stories hand as we made our exit from the mall.

This, coupled with my large diaper bulge, was also the cause of embarrassment. Noticing my blushing, Brenda said "aww, baby it's alright, you don't need to be embarrassed" as she patted my diapered bottom, causing even greater blushing. We eventually reached the exit, and Brenda and I would have to make our departure. Brenda asked me of I wanted to do this again, and I began to Women wearing diapers stories some s of reluctance. Brenda said "look, I'm am going to be right here tomorrow at 11 a. Take myand send me a text if you're going to meet me here.

For the first time, I could see the outline of a diaper under her jeans. I drove back to my apartment and began to think. On one hand, today was literally the most embarrassing day of my life. I revealed my diaper fetish for the first time, to an attractive woman no less! And even had my diaper changed in public!

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The embarrassment was almost too much for me to handle. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized I had to do it again. While it was embarrassing, revealing my diaper fetish to and getting changed by Brenda was also strangely comforting.

Women wearing diapers stories

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