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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Wed 11th of August Report. Introduction: A little tribute to the X-Men. Here's a little story showing what they can get up to at a party. Jean If one were just to look at me. They would see me only from my outer shell; the pretty little red-head with the green eyes and killer smile. I stand at about five-five, five. No real identifying marks. I took a little more time with that than Scott would have liked, and positioned the jets from the massager over my clitoris. I could feel the water jets pounding over my clit, and in seconds I knew that I was going to cum, weather or not Scott liked it.

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My calves tightened, as did my buttocks, and thighs. This was it, I felt the warmth of my orgasm begin to build, and soon it was shooting down my legs and arching down my body like an electric shock. I dropped the massager and felt it mist me for a few seconds before spinning erratically out of control, going passed the shower curtain and dousing the floor for a few moments. I quickly grabbed the showerhead with my telekinesis and quickly replaced it back up in its holder.

I quickly rinsed off and turned the shower back off, putting it back up in the holder. I dried off and stepped out of the shower. When has he ever been worried about people being late? His mouth opened wide, and the sentence died off. My love. I could feel as his cock hardened in my hands. My nipples X men sex stories hardened and my vaginal area was sopping wet as I played with my husband. I wanted him to mount me, but there would be time for that later.

He wanted to warn me, but that was both unpractical, and unnecessary as both our psychic rapport, and the unconscious thrusting of his hips were all I needed to know that he was on the brink. I think that I was his first. First friend, first girl, first wife, first anything; I knew for a fact that this was a fantasy of his, another first.

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For both him and I… my first facile. I led him to the bed, and lay down upon my back, letting him place his penis between my breasts. I could feel it in the back of his pineal gland that he was just about to cum. Yet there were still a few minutes, and if I wanted, I could take control of his muscles completely, and stop him from cumming at all. I opened my mouth, and gently licked the underside of his cock.

He whimpered, and I knew how badly that he wanted it. My hand flying towards his cock, grasping it, and gently pressing back his foreskin, again and again. His penis was warm to the touch from so much blood. It must hurt him terribly. This was it, this was the time. I wanted to give this to him.

It was warm and thick, salty and tangy at the same time. I used my TK to hold back the ebb, and began to swallow what there was in my mouth. He dipped a finger into my sopping cunt and X men sex stories probed me, sliding in quick due to all of my wetness. I felt him go up to the first knuckle, and he petted my nubbin.

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I was on fire, and unintentionally lifted us up into the air… this was an interesting perk with being a Telekinetic. I could maneuver both of us into the air with no problem. Again and again he touched me, and I could X men sex stories my juices pouring down my inner thighs. I wanted him inside of me, but was unsure if he would be able to cum again so fast after his first one.

I posed the question to him and waited for the Rapp port to take hold. His eyes, as always hidden behind the ruby-quartz glasses that held his powers at bay, I wondered what he was seeing behind those powerful shades. If he could see me as the red-headded bombshell in his life, or just saw me as some sort of lobster-colored thing. I wished that I could. Suddenly, he was inside me, as hard as ever, pushing up inside of me, petting my inner walls.

Feeling good, oh so good. I involuntarily squeezed my kegel muscles and milked him of even more sperm. Suddenly he stiffened and relaxed, aling to me that I had gotten all that I was going to get out of him. I quickly used my TK, and carried us to the showers, soaping us off once more, and settling our clothes back on us in less than five minutes. The place was to say, decorated rather nicely.

This was Logan after all. He was more at home in the jungles of Vietnam with a sub-machine gun in his hand and a stogie in X men sex stories mouth than being the life of the party. But there he was, at the bar. Over in the far left corner was Remy "Gambit" Lebeau, with Rogue.

If I were to feel sorry for anyone at this shindig, it would be them. Remy loves Rogue, dotes on her to no end, and Rogue loves him with all her heart. Rogue has the ability to suck power from anyone she touches. Causing anything as easy as a simple leeching of powers to even Coma or Death. Rogue found out the latter with her first, and only tectonic boyfriend, Cody.

The instant that poor Cody kissed Rogue, he fell into a deep Coma from which he never awoke from and eventually died. I reminded myself to give them an extra special treat later tonight. I knew, as usual, Rogue was feeling horny, and, lets face it, Self-Manipulation can only do for so long, it was time that something got those two together and I figured that it might as well be me.

Jubilation Lee was the youngest of our group, only a few months past eighteen; she had jet-black hair and was wearing, like Scott, a pair of Ray-bans. Like Scott, it was part of her power, but this time she was using her power as a fully-functional disco ball. She too had an alcoholic drink next to her, a wine cooler. She nodded back, and said "Hello" back, continuing with the party lights. She was going to take a break later; there were other things on her mind as well… Logan was one. Dress, shoes, socks, bra, and panties were all on the floor.

My panties were soaking, and I knew before the end of the night that I would have to ask Scott for another fucking. Summers, I would. This was something more of a slow waltz, and therefore, Jubilee had changes the intensity of her strobe like bursts to that of a candlelight consistency. I had to admit that it was pretty romantic.

I kissed my husband once more.

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Lets go back to our room. It would be up to me to fix that. I leaned in close to his ear, and licked the lower part of his lobe. Hank would take care of it later. He just smiled. I was dripping, so I knew that he could probably smell it upon me.

I got some plans of my own as soon as this parties over with. Scott tugged me towards the bedroom. I knew what he wanted. I always knew what he wanted. We trudged over to our room. Part of me hated being a mutant. Part of me hated being able to read my husband with but a thought. We walked to our bedroom, it was the furthest one on the left, and I psyonically closed the door and bolted it.

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There was a hitch in his voice, he was close to crying. I knew all of his secrets. I know, I know. Is it this? I relaxed my wrists and my shirt fell to the floor. My areola already swollen with anticipation, I felt as Scott started to run his thumbs around them.

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It was driving me crazy. I tugged open the snap to his jeans and slid the zipper down without moving a finger. I let my mind do most of the work. His pants fell to the floor, and he stepped out from them, leaving them in a pile on the floor. His shirt and shades were still on. I had always wanted to see what his eyes looked like. I knew that they were brown; I had only seen them for a quick, chance encounter years ago, after we had a run-in with the Morlocks, and the boy, Leech had used his power dampening skills on him. I missed those brown eyes. But there was brown other places on him as well; a little lower.

I gently wrapped my fingers around his cock and gently stroked him. I let the touch-sensitive skin of my fingers dance across his veiny shaft, feeling how his heartbeat echoed within each vein. I gently squeezed, feeling my fingers come closer together… X men sex stories the circle.

Two of us could play that game. My calves screamed as they tightened, my buttocks clenched as I felt his thumb slide home on my Clitoris I went on my tiptoes hoping that he would be able to come even closer to me than he already was. I stroked him slowly, towards the thatch of his pubic hair and then away. Towards and then away, towards and away.

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I could feel him tightening up. Feel his balls as they shrunk in closer to him. Shh lover. Where it belonged. Two had become one. I could feel as my vaginal muscles started to contract. So soft that save for our mind link there would have been no way that I would have been able to hear him.

I gave him a slight nod to know that it was all right, and then he came. The spurts were forceful at first, dousing themselves along my inner walls, I collapsed onto the bed the first time that I felt the tip of his penis brush my Clitoris feeling as he came into me again, and again, and again. He slowly shrank down and slid out of me, rolling onto his back, spent. Right now all that I wanted to do was to go to sleep.

Morning would be here all too quickly. She was young. I chuckled to myself. Yet, to most, here I look to be in my mid-thirties.

X men sex stories

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