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Band posters, comic books and video games all over the floor. Among other things…. She left a lot of clothes behind…. Oh did he mention…he likes to dress up like a girl. Her loss his gain as far as he was concerned, his sister was pretty small as was he as well. He pulls out a black tank top and then reach down to a little dresser that was also in the closet.

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Dressing like a girl was pretty easy for him not only because his sister and himself were damn near the same size including butt size but because he had shoulder length blonde hair and feminine features and also kept his legs shaved because he loved the way they felt and always wore pants around other people so no one would notice. Sliding the black t-shirt off and putting the black tank top on. Shuffling through the colorful assortment of panties. He laughed to himself as he pulled out a red lace pair of panties and slide them up his legs and up to his butt.

They are a size too small and the bottom of my cheeks stick out a bit. Always envied that his sister was able to wear such cute outfits and I started looking at other girls as well. The more rvealing clothes that girls wore tight, something about them that just turned me on…. I wondered what it felt like to feel sexy and to be wanted by men like these females knew. Remembering watching porn years ago and seeing a young sexy female getting pounded by a stud with a huge cock…. Not him though, he wished he was the girl! Chucky twirls his long hair in his finger he even acted like a girl when he was dressed!

The two of them had never had much of a relationship, his dad always gave him crap about being different, never having a girlfriend, not having many friends and being more interested in comics, music, anime and comics. He sighs as he closes his sisters bedroom door behind him. About a half an hour passes and Chucky is nose deep in a Batman comic when he hears the doorbell ring.

Chucky hated to admit it but he thought Laughing Ferret was pretty hot…. Looking at the tall man, feeling sorry for him, he lost his wife a few years back and his kids were all grown up and moved out. They both smile at each other as he leaves. Watching him through the window as he hops into his big red F and leaves. It was tight on her and Young crossdresser sex stories barely covered her ass….

Grabbing a cute pair of red apple bottom heels that Amy had bought to match the dress, reaches for the red lace panties again…. He grabs a bottle of red fingernail polish to match the dress and heels and shakes it, he had gotten really good at doing his nails over the years. The only thing that sucked was that he had to immediately remove the polish. Doing his toes first, he only wore a size 8 in mens and had pretty small feet, after finishing his ties he starrs on his fingernails and waves his hands back and fourth for them to dry after finishing. Smiling at himself in the mirror…. He leaves his sisters room and starts heading back to his.

It was his favorite thing to do dressed up, he had a folder on his laptop full of them. Taking sexy pics was good for Young crossdresser sex stories his confidence up. Chucky had checked out at this point…. Takes a few more sideway pics before walking over to his dresser and grabbing a kleenex box and he starts shoving them down into his bra.

Trying his best to make it look like he had bust, from a sideway view it was pretty convincing.

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He walks over to the mirror and pulls his hair back as he makes a duck face and snaps a few more pics…. The voice…. Chuckys first kiss awkwardly Chucky kisses back and they continue to kiss, mixing their tongues in as they do Chucky reaching up and putting his hands on Laughing Ferrets chest area. He feels big hands squeeze his butt a little as the dress lifts a bit in the back. Mmmmm bend over the dresser and let me get a good look at it! He feels the big hand on his ass again and then feels a smack followed by a squeeze he hates to admit it but he is loving this.

It had to have been 10 inches long atleast! THe big man backs up and sits down at the edge of the bed. He finally reaches inbetween his legs and rubs the mans thighs as he looks at the cock mesmerized. Finally the truly born Sadi persona takes the large cock in both hands and strokes it softly to Laughing Ferrets approval. This was it….

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Oooooooooh Sadi…. Getting on the edge of the bed on all fours, his erect cock that was not maybe 5 inches was sticking the side of the the thong up front, he had never been so turned on before. He had taken enough for a nice fap sessions later apparently because the next thing she knows the thong is being pushed over a bit and her cheeks spread as she feels a tongue enter her hole.

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Holy shit yessss eat my ass Laughing Ferret! I want you to be my first Laughing Ferret…. I trust you. Getting to about 6 inches now he can see that she may not be able to completly take him in as there is really no more room in her anus for him to push.

He starts to slide in and out slowly, she softly moans and breathes heavy as he keeps going in and out of her tight hole. Sweat trickles down his forehead as he softly pumps into her. She wishes that she could take more in but it was painful enough with the 6 inches in.

Her eyes closed and face sideways on the bed she continues to softly moan and breathe heavy. Planting a kiss on her as she grabs his face and passionately returns the favor. She felt so safe and wanted by the mature man as she shared a passionate kiss with him. The large head of his cock back at her hole, this time however it slides right in. Still not quite taking him fully in but then he slows down and looks at her. Laughing Ferret quickly slid his Young crossdresser sex stories 10 inches in and was holding a wild look on his face from pleasure.

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Fuck my tight ass ooooooohhhhhh! Her tiny semi erect cock moving back and fourth each time he thrusts. Her ass jiggles as he pumps into her fast and wild now. Her little penis swaying around wildly as he fucks her. Jerking her head back as her hair goes back. His hand reaches to her throat and turns her head back as he slides his tongue into her mouth. Letting out a big grunt as Sadi feels his hot seed land all over her ass.

Sadi sits up and ironically enough pulls some tissue out of her bra to clean the cum up on her backside. They give each other one more goodbye kiss before Laughing Ferret leaves. But smiles again at the thought of spending the night at Laughing Ferrets house tomorrow! Life was going to start changing for the better he felt!

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Young crossdresser sex stories

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