Young neighbor sex stories

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I lived in a small single house in a cheap neighbourhood that was full of new families and single parent homes. Across the street there was a row of attached townhouses that stretched nearly thirty units in one block. Living with her single mother, she was about sixteen at the time and she was locked out of her house when she came home from school.

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I had answered the doorbell and there she stood wearing her very alluring catholic school uniform white blouse and too-short plaid skirt and carrying an armful of books. She told me that her mom was at work and no one else was at home and she had forgotten her keys.

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I was twenty-nine and single at the time. I was working as a night manager at the local cable company and had just gotten out of bed. I answered the door with nothing more than a bathrobe on.

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I let her in and told her to have a seat, watch some TV and offered her a soda. I couldn't get over how hot she looked -- long brown hair down her back, big blue eyes, a really cute smile and flawless white skin. She had a very womanly body with ample curves everywhere. Nowhere near fat; just a fully formed young woman's body. She will be a heart breaker for sure.

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Young neighbor sex stories

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