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This is my first story so apologies for any grammatical errors. The summer weather caused London to be a particularly busy day. I spent about 30 minutes walking along the crowded pavements, shifting left and right when a stranger was blocking my way. I eventually got to my destination and pushed the glass door that had 'Heritage Grooming' written in bold, fancy lettering. My stylist greeted me and took me to a seat in front of a large mirror. I tilted my head down to scroll through my s on my smartphone.

A few minutes later I heard footsteps on the wooden flooring, the sound of the footsteps stopped at a seat next to me. I didn't pay any attention to who was taking a seat until Caroline, another hair stylist, spoke. The man chuckled a little and exclaimed "Please just call me Zac.

Erm I think I need to get it cleaned up, it's getting pretty long I didn't catch the rest of what he said because my eyes had lit up, stunned at what I had heard. Was this Zac Efron? A man I've fantasized about countless times or was it another man with the same name. I lifted my head and stared at the mirror, I could see that Gary was busy cutting away so I took this as a chance to have a quick glance at the mirror on the left. He had a faint smile and was focusing on what the stylist was saying. I examined his handsome face. The shape of his dark eyebrows, the straight nose and his beautiful blue eyes.

It really was him. He looked so manly; his facial hair was much more prominent than you would assume he had, it was thicker than the typical deer stubble, almost like a beard, his eyes were concentrated on the mirror in front. I stared at him and noticed he had a blue short-sleeve shirt on. His built physique filled the shirt, broad shouldered and the sleeves stuck tightly to his triceps and biceps. Zac's arms looked firm, I imagined that they were capable of throwing a grown man onto a bed with ease.

My mind started to wonder, I had an urge to climb onto his lap, kiss his soft lips and have his arms wrap around me.

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I tried to make conversation. Just don't forget Zac efron sex stories me and start cancelling my appointments. He continued cutting my hair and occasionally I would steal a glance at Zac. God, he looked so sexy. I thought about what he'd look like naked on the chair, his legs positioned pointing outward, a full view of his manhood ready to be sucked and those thoughts alone made my cock hard. Zac didn't seem to notice that I was staring at him, at least that's what I thought. After about an hour I smiled and told Gary I was pleased with my haircut. Then a voice from the left appeared, it was Zac, "Looks good man.

I got up, paid and left the building amazed that Zac Efron had complimented my hair. It's not often a stranger tells you something like that in a hair salon. My next stop was to head towards a tailoring company because I decided it was time I invested in a few good suits for the networking event I was attending in a few days. I had a smile glued on my face. I wanted to go home and jerk off to the images that were running through my mind. The store had an array of suits on display, I had a look around for a while and the footwear section caught my eye.

A sales assistant helped me pick some shoes. As I was trying on a pair of brogues I heard someone. I couldn't believe it, it was Zac again. After he spoke my eyes were drawn to his hair, it was short enough to wear up and off his face and he was sporting short stubble now. Zac stood slightly taller than me by about an inch but he definitely looked much bigger than me. He was no longer just a skinny guy with some washboard abs like he was in High School Musical. He had gained more mass; more muscle and his whole presence overwhelmed me inside.

I thought it was time to return his compliment from before. I gave Zac efron sex stories a handshake, his hands felt soft but the grip was firm. You were in that movie High School Musical right? He laughed softly "Yeah but that was a long time ago, I've been acting in other stuff as well recently. I wanted to speak to him again and was sad that the conversation ended.

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He started to walk towards the doors and I got back to trying my shoes on. Sorry to disturb you man. I'm fine. I mean I'm free. Yeah we can go shopping. Zac looked elated. Was this really happening? I began looking around as if I had lost something and saw I hadn't chosen a pair of shoes.

We bought some shirts, t-shirts and few other things. We talked quite a lot, I told him about my job as a project manager in London and that I lived here all my life. I acted as if I wasn't exactly sure about what films he was in when I asked him inquisitively about what other work he had done. I wasn't sure why I was trying to deceive him into thinking I didn't know much about his career. I suppose I didn't want him thinking I was an obsessed fan.

I wasn't stalking his every move, I didn't have posters of him in my room or merchandise based on him. I asked him about his time in London and we discussed a few others things about the city.

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We had been shopping for around 3 hours. Throughout the day I had spent with him so far I wondered if I was coming across as weird or boring and if he was just being polite by not asking me to leave. I looked at my watch. There was a short but noticeable silence. He was smiling and then looked at his own watch briefly. It's the least I could do but if you wanted to, that is, you could just have lunch in the hotel I'm staying at?

I was indeed very hungry but the hunger sort of disappeared because my mind started to think about what Zac had just said. He wants to spend more time with me. Plain, ordinary, boring me. However I didn't want to intrude or make him feel obligated to spend more time with me. I even have a little office that you could use if you need to call work after. You gotta try the food at this place".

Zac efron sex stories

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