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Hey guys. Time for Day 6 of PCA's horny week off. The gang only have ONE night left, which means only one chapter of the story left. Make sure to leave a review to let me know who and what you want to see. It's gonna be the biggest and hottest chapter yet, so make sure your idea is included. Quinn was laying alone in her room and had three of her fingers quickly thrusting in and out her pussy, with her test tube lodged up her ass hole at the same time. Since her encounter the night before with Zoey and Lola, she could think of nothing else and had been masturbating all day.

As she climaxed, she unintentionally let out a scream as she squirted all the way down her bed. It was her fourth orgasm that day. Breathing heavily, she pulled her fingers and the test tube out of her holes as she came down Zoey 101 sex story the orgasm, her body twitching a few times. Her state of ecstasy was suddenly interrupted when she heard a shy knock at her door, causing her to jump abruptly.

Quinn could feel her pussy throbbing at the thought of having Logan fucking her, but she was nervous. She had never kissed a boy, let alone fucked one! Especially one as hot as Logan, who she had secretly lusted over for a while now. She stared at him with a blank expression, not knowing what to say, as his hand slowly moved further up her thigh.

He continued to move it as it went under the blanket, and started to softly rub her cunt, which was already dripping wet from her alone time before. She threw her head back in delight as he pushed it all the way in, out again, and then back in. With the other hand, he removed the blanket from her body and started to suck on her supple tits.

His fingering intensified, as he started to service her with two fingers, causing her to moan and breathe heavier. With that, he quickly moved his head from her breasts down to her pussy.

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He quickly fingered her whilst licking her clit at the same time. Quinn's horniness was now out of control, she moaned out loud as she grabbed his head and pushed it down further onto her pussy. He started eating her out as though it was going out of fashion, and then started to finger her asshole. Logan stopped - it was his turn.

He stripped off all of his clothes, revealing his giant boner. It was a shock to Quinn who had never seen a real cock up close, but she loved it. Faster than lightening, she leapt over and put it in her mouth. She started sucking Logan's dick as if life depended on it. It tasted amazing, she thought, and Logan loved it just as much. On all fours, Quinn started rubbing her clit to enjoy herself even more.

Logan said nothing, only smiled. He gently pushed her down onto the bed, and spread her legs open.

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And he delivered. He slowly pushed himself deep into her cunthole, causing them both to moan out loud. He thrusted slowly at first, as he leant down to kiss her on the lips before softly biting her neck. Then he stood up all the way, and started pumping harder. It was Quinn's first ever time being fucked, but it didn't feel like it thanks to her experiences with the girls and her trusty test tube. She took his cock like a champ, even with the power and speed that he was pounding her pussy with. Her tits bounced along with her as he gave her his full length over and over again, hitting her right in the G-spot as she furiously rubbed her clit.

Suddenly she stopped him. He pulled out of her, a concerned look on his face. Logan didn't hesitate, as he could barely believe his luck. Her ass looked incredibly, and her hole looked so inviting. He couldn't resist as he launched his face towards it and started to eat it. He tongued her hole so enthusiastically to prepare it for his cock, as he slid a finger up her pussy.

Quickly, he stood back up and prepared to fuck her anally. Luckily, her hole was already lubed up from shoving her test tube up there earlier that day. Thanks to that, Logan's cock slid in easily, although her hole was still very tight. They both felt incredible as Logan started to fuck her ass - hard. Quinn had never felt a sensation like it before, and started to scream out loud.

It seems her screams attracted not only the attention of Logan, Zoey 101 sex story another friend too. A knock was heard from the door. Quinn turned to Logan, a concerned look on her face, but Logan smiled. Chase entered the room. He came over and started to make out with Logan, as he fucked Quinn. And he did so.

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Already hard, he got up on the bed and moved over to Quinn's face. She happily took his dick in her mouth and started deep throating it, as if to muffle her screams from Logan's cock up her ass. Logan and Chase high fived each other, as they couldn't believe their luck. After a little while, Logan wanted a change.

Quinn looked up from Chase's cock, confused. Remembering the events of the day before, he smiled and nodded. Quinn simply played along. Maybe it would be hot to watch a guy get fucked in the ass, she thought. And it was. Quinn and Chase swapped places, as he presented his hole to Logan on all fours. Logan spat on his ass and fingered him a little to prepare him for his wood, and then entered excitedly. Quinn played with her pussy as she was unexpectedly turned on by the sight that she never thought she would see.

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She bent over in front of Chase as he entered her pussy with his cock, whilst Logan was inside Zoey 101 sex story him. They fucked each other quickly for a while, and as the intensity heightened, they all came together. Logan shot up Chase's ass hole, Chase up Quinn's pussy, and Quinn rubbed her cunt until she squirted all over the bed once again. They pulled themselves out of each other's body as they collapsed onto the bed, panting hard.

The three of them lay silently, as they fell asleep together. It was a night none of them would forget. FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Zoey PCA get a week off of school, which means late nights in the dorms of curious teenagers. What happens when things get a little steamy at PCA?

This isn't romantic, but it is an ADULT story, which has huge amounts of sex, and some strong language. Day 6 "Oh fuck, yeah! The door slowly creaked open as a familiar voice softly spoke. After sucking him for a little more, she stood up. Day One 2. Day Two 3. Day Three 4. Day Four 5. Day Five - Part One 6. Day Five - Part Two 7.

Zoey 101 sex story

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