Zombie x reader lemon

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Originally posted by horvival. You are a janitor trapped in the underground levels of a secret lab when all hell breaks loose- Resident Evil vibes in honor of Resident Evil 3 Remake. This fic is going to be set up so that you have options along the way- options will be updated in installments and lead to individual nsfw smut fics.

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You gotta crunch through that outer candy layer to get to that chewy smut center! This post will be the main to this fic series- installment fics will be posted and untagged. Oh, god- NOoo!

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You winced at the sound of bones cracking, blood stained fingers wrapped around the edge of the heavy door, preventing you from closing yourself in. You jerked against the door, slamming again and again, bracing a foot on the wall to put more strength in your pulls. Bile choked you as the grotesque sound of flesh and bone smacking against metal filled the small space. Sweat and gore mixed with the scent of cleaner- you gasped for air. On blind instinct you ran to the first open room you saw- leaving you wedged in the janitors closet.

It was hardly large enough be considered a closet- with all three narrow walls lined with shelves there was only space for a single person to stand in. Your arms trembled with exertion and terror as you forced your eyes up to face the creature staring at you hungrily from the crack in the door. He was a respectable scientist, firm and intimidating but he always managed to give you a nod when passing by in the halls. People who acknowledged the janitor with respect where people you remembered and liked. You exchanged greetings with him just a few hours ago- and now he was like this…feral and… decayed.

His grey skin sagged over his skull like an ill fitting mask, behind the cracked lenses of his glasses his eyes looked Zombie x reader lemon, chunks of flesh wedged between his bloody teeth. His blond streaked green hair was caked in dried blood and dangled in a scraggly mess over his face.

Copper tinged your mouth and you gagged, tightning you grip on the door. The mangled hand pushed through the crack, gaining an inch, enough to graze the sleeve of your grey janitor jumpsuit. Your body moved on instinct, you braced yourself and slammed into the door with your remaining strength, knocking Dr. Nighteye into the opposite wall with a heavy thunk. He recovered quick, lumbering towards you with a garbled moan. You grasped the knob once more and jerked back into your closet.

Your hands remained on the knob as you stared at the smear of rotting blood Dr. Nighteye had left on your wrist. A loud bang dephened you, door trembled on its hinges, cleaners sloshed in their bottles and rolls of toilet paper tumbled onto you as the creature that was once Dr. Nighteye violently slammed its body against the closet door repeadedly. You lead back against the shelves, breathing a sigh as your body trembled and the air around you grew cold, you knew you were in shock.

Being the only janitor ased to the below-ground labs, you held sole access to the supply closets on those levels. You had been mopping the already pristine floor when a shrill alarm had sounded, the electricity had blinked out before a floodlight bathed the hall in a morbid shade of red.

You shuddered, remembering the sounds of shattering glass, the horrific screams that bled into the halls. Men and women slammed against the window of the main lab, their clawing fingers leaving trails of blood on the glass you had just cleaned. The door handle shook and jerked, but never relented. They begged you for help, to save them from a monster hidden in the dark depths of the room as the damned might beg to be rescued from the pits of hell.

You had tried to free them until their bloody handprints obscured the view of the lab completely. You tried your damndest to free them until long after their screams died down…Eventually busting a hole into the thick glass door…. You sucked in deep breaths, tilting your face up to the ceiling and counting the lines on the ventilation grate to compose yourself. Clover Labs was a massive corporation, and this was their central facility.

You did not have clearance to most of the laboratories and the technicians had always been secretive about their work, but you knew what they did was important enough to warrant high security on the upper levels. If help did come they would have to pass down the main hall, you could easily hear them from the safety of the broom closet.

Nighteye had stopped banging on the door a few moments ago. Shadows slotted the light at the base of the door, moving back and forth with their pacing. You could wait for Dr. Nighteye to wander away, and then escape. Even without access to the labs, you knew the halls, break rooms, and exits like the back of your hand. The dark might slow you down, but you had memorized these floors and were confident you could navigate Zombie x reader lemon with your eyes closed.

You could escape through the grate, find a secure lab with food Zombie x reader lemon water to wait for rescue in comfort. It may be a long time before help arrives- if it arrives at all.

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The shelves would act as a perfect ladder. Clover Corp. Of course! Keep reading. Originally posted by haruicchi. Originally posted by kiirishima. Also, do you have a rules list for prompts? Originally posted by https-anime. Originally posted by itstheunstoppablegirl.

You are in a study group, your long time crush Tokoyami Fumikage sits in front of you- erotic shenanigans ensue. Originally posted by bibakugoumoved. After your steamy public study session Tokoyami, Dark Shadow, and you take things to his place. Originally posted by dailyojiromashirao. Though the kiss was an accident you lingered against your captive a moment longer before slowly separating your face from his.

Your knuckles whitened around the knob. You were trapped.

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Thick black sludge fell in clumps from the shredded fingers wedged in the door. You gasped as you recognized the name tag attached to its lab coat- Dr. The door slammed with a satisfying click. You closed your eyes trying to make sense of everything… You had been mopping the already pristine floor when a shrill alarm had sounded, the electricity had blinked out before a floodlight bathed the hall in a morbid shade of red.

You had tried. You tried your damndest to free them until long after their screams died down…Eventually busting a hole into the thick glass door… But what climbed out of that lab was no longer human… A sob wracked your body, drawing you out of your Zombie x reader lemon. There were three options you knew of; Each had their drawbacks, but you had to pick one. You could stay in the closet and wait for help. You could leave the closet. You glanced up at the square ceiling.

To set up for the long haul you would need resources. You closed your eyes and focused on your choices, praying luck was on your side. Now open for ANON asks! Class Trip First Kiss. Words: spice: Mild You are a new transfer student at U. When that barrier comes crashing down your emotions get the better of you and you cant contain yourself- Keep reading.

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Kirishima Route is up! Also, sorry for the strange first reply! Under the Mahogany Table- Tokoyami Fumikage. Characters are aged up. Part 2 for this trash smut fic is up. See this in the app Show more.

Zombie x reader lemon

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